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The Stuart garden dining table was so many years in the making. To see that table in production is a dream come true. I am a designer, first and foremost. To see a design come together and get built is what keeps me designing.

I am very lucky to have a steady stream of clients asking for landscape design. Everyone who approaches me for design is individual-and different. I appreciate that. My landscape design firm is very busy. But the years I have spent designing this garden dining table came from a different part of my design heart. So happy that Branch is ready to ship.

Ipe foot detail on the Stuart garden table

Stuart table top detail

Stuart table base detail

Stuart tables

Buck’s first bar edge rendition of the Stuart table, 2005

First 21 foot long Stuart table in place, 2006

The Barry tapers

The interior of the barry tapers

The square Barry tapers

The leg and flange detail on the square Barry tapers

The rim detail on the round Barry and square Barry tapers

the metro pots

the metro pot interior top rim helps keep the steel sides straight during the galvanizing process.

the interior of the metro pot.  The holes in the corners are required by the galvanizing plant, so zinc does not get trapped under this rim.

the basin (58″ top diameter)  and bowl (40″ top diameter)

exterior detail on the bowl

bowl interior

the square Hudson tapersthe square tapered Hudson pot bottom is comprised of 2 loose plates that sit on a rim. This helps the molten zinc to drain off the pot quickly. And it helps to insure that water drains away just as quickly.

The Dean pots

The Dean elliptical fountain

the brake form fountain

custom table and benches

Buck designed and fabricated these lattice strap steel spheres from an idea he had-no drawing. He tried to explain to me what a classic lattice pattern would look like in 3 dimensions – to no avail. Now I see. They have been a mainstay of our collection for a good many years. I am pleased to see these spheres have some contemporary style company. We are installing a pair of custom made and very contemporary planter boxes from Branch this morning-more on that later.











  1. Congratulations, the table is beautiful and comfortable as well. I love seeing such well thought-out details which combine style and purpose.

  2. Sarah House says:

    Just gorgeous, all of it! What was the thinking on the bevelled edges on the tabletop? I know your eye for detail, Deborah, means that there’s a good reason (longevity of the wood? ease of use while dining? drape of a tablecloth? plain old aesthetics?)……

    • Deborah Silver says:

      Dear Sarah, that angled bar edge addresses several issues. That angled edge is comfortable for a group that has had dinner, and stays around the table for the better part of an evening. A comfortable forearm rest is a good thing. That beveled edge is an aesthetic issue as well. The bar edge makes for a thin profile. A thin visual profile says spare and contemporary. This table is visually spare. all the best, Deborah

  3. Nancy Szerlag says:

    Ah, it’s all in the details. And beautiful details they are.

  4. Dan McAskin says:

    Deborah, as the fortunate owner of a few Branch products I can say the quality of the materials and craftsmanship are outstanding. People who visit always marvel at both the aesthetics and the quality. These objects make me smile every time I see them in the garden…..cannot wait to see the contemporary custom pots.

  5. Janet draper says:

    Gorgeous in every detail and craftsmanship. You and Buck make dreams into reality.

  6. dorothy says:

    Not only are your gardens outstanding but these accoutrements complete the setting. How I wish I could just have “one of everything!”. Or better yet, transport you all to my yard. You’ve made my day complete. What a day for a daydream.

  7. Noreen Kozlowski says:

    Your attention to detail is quite evident. Beautiful work!

  8. wow. Stunning designs and craftsmanship! Absolutely beautiful….

    • Deborah Silver says:

      Dear Juliet, the craftsmanship is really good. Those Branch people produce incredible work. best, Deborah

  9. Melanie says:

    You make beautiful things.

    • Deborah Silver says:

      thank you Melanie! I like making things, and making something for the garden is so satisfying. best, Deborah

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