Building The Lucerne Pergola

the Lucerne pergola (2)Phase 1:  Design, engineer, and build  Once Buck had my sketch for the pergola, there were a lot of drawings that would need to be done.  The CAD drawings would indicate the angles, the rolling radiuses, and the exact sizes of every piece of steel that would be necessary to fabricate the piece. Buck constructed the pergola full size – down to the last bolt hole – in the computer.

the Lucerne pergola (3)

the Lucerne pergola (4)

the Lucerne pergola (5)

the Lucerne pergola (6)

the Lucerne pergola (10)Buck’s crew put the base of the pergola together up side down, to be sure every piece fit together properly. Owen was the lead fabricator on the project, with help from Adam, Riley, Sal, LaBelle, and Buck.

the Lucerne pergola (8)Lattice panels were designed and fabricated as an open wall for the back of the pergola, and feature a steel ball detail.

the Lucerne pergola (9) Each of nine panels were hand fabricated and fitted to each opening.

setting the structure (7)The installation: setting the structure.  The bottom of the pergola was bolted in the rear to a seat wall of brick, through the bull nosed blue stone coping.

setting the structure (5)

setting the structure (8)

setting the structure (6)The top of the brick wall is seat height, and width.

setting the structure (4)

setting the structure (3)

setting the structure 2The front post were anchored to 42″ deep concrete footings.

setting the roof beam (7)Setting the roof beams was the most difficult part of the job.  Each half-beam was 12 feet in diameter, and was incredibly heavy.  A support bar made especially to hold these beams, and a loader was necessary to get these pieces to the proper height for bolting on.

setting the roof beam (6)

setting the roof beam (4)

setting the roof beam (3)

setting the roof beam (2)

setting the roof beam (1)

setting the structure 2

the roof (2)Setting the roof.  These pictures are not so swell, with all that sky behind the action.  The top of the finial is 17 feet off the ground.

the roof (3)

the roof (1)

the roof (4)

hanging the lattice panels (3)hanging the lattice panels

hanging the lattice panels (1)

hanging the lattice panels (4)

the finish (3)

Branch Studio pergolaThe finish

Branch Studio pergola (2)

Branch Studio pergola (3)

Branch Studio pergola (1)

the finish (1)5 of the 6 Branch Studio dudes

the finish (2)The two day installation consumed 110 hours of work on the part of all 6 members of Branch. My clients had the great idea to do a time lapse video of the installation-what a treat this is to watch! If you are interested in watching, click on the link below.

the Lucerne Pergola installation



  1. A treasured beauty that will last a lifetime. Thanks for sharing Deborah.

  2. I agree with Nancy above. Stunning elegance, lifetime beauty.
    I imagine many fair tale weddings over many, many decades taking place under the Lucerne Pergola!

  3. Kim Murphy says

    Buck sounds like your right and left hand man! Wish you were in Buffalo, New York!!!

  4. Truly a master piece. it is great to see what can be achieved when a customer has a great passion for the landscape. Beauty at its best.

  5. Kate yoklavich says

    Fabulous. The time lapse was fascinating to watch. Thank you so very much for sharing this project.


    I want one but no room ! What are the 2 round “pools” – Beautiful work by Buck & team –

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Madeline, this is the first round swimming pool I have ever designed.The spa is inset between the twin staircases coming down from the house terrace. It has an “eye” shape to it. best, Deborah

  7. Patrick Donnelly says

    Absolutely beautiful!

  8. Ruth Wolery says

    This is a great achievement – very impressive – the Lucerne-pergola. Thank you for letting me see your project.

  9. Amazing!!!!!

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