A Very Merry Celebration

WJ 2014   (7)Rob has lots of clients for who he designs and constructs holiday and winter arrangements. Most of them feature light in one form or another.  One particular client that with whom he shares a great rapport contacts him in early November every year about a holiday scheme.  They are thick as thieves for weeks, planning. Years ago she bought his first light ring, made from a vintage wheel. The result of their collaboration is always beautiful. It is a testament to what good things can come from a long standing design relationship based on respect and exchange.

WJ 2014   (11)Holiday elements that have been part of her collection for some time are remixed every year.  There are those people who like the holiday the same every year, and those who like to change it up.  Change doesn’t necessarily mean abandoning old materials for new.  It means a willingness to re imagine.  One thing the two of them share is a big love of the holiday season.  It shows in the work.  I asked her if I could post pictures of this year’s holidays-she said yes. Some are her pictures, and some are Rob’s.  Though no picture could truly do justice to the work, you’ll  get the gist of it.  WJ 2014   (9)bottom lit container

WJ 2014   (5)light rings

WJ 2014   (1)light rings after dark

WJ 2014   (13)holiday chandelier

WJ 2014   (10)12 foot red flocked Christmas tree

WJ 2014   (12)lighted red flocked wreath

WJ holiday 7another holiday tree

WJ 2014   (4)view from the rear yard terrace

WJ 2014   (3)lighted spheres

WJ 2014   (2)looking out to the lake

WJ holiday 9After dark-how striking is this?


  1. This post “lights me up with envy”!
    Bravo Deborah, Rob et al!

  2. Janie Levinson says

    Deborah, love, love your blog. I want to get some brown corded holiday lights to leave up year round on my Kousa dogwood. Can you recommend a source to order from? Or do y’all carry some that you recommend? how many can I hook together? Thank you for any advice

  3. Jennifer Smith says

    So inspiring. Love Rob’s light rings and spheres. Happy holidays!

  4. nella davis-ray says

    OHHHHH! The pots of fire at the front are too cool! Looks like lots of at least three different type of branches (curly willow, yellow dogwood, Michigan holly?) with a strand of lights at the base. I’m pinning this one for next year! Thanks

  5. Nancy Martemucci says

    The lights in the bottom light container are so bright, what particular type of bulb and how many bulbs were used? Happy Holidays. Nancy

    • Deborah Silver says

      Nancy, I would just get some light strings, and experiment with what light level pleases you the most. best, Deborah

  6. What a brilliant collaborative team they are. Please thank your client for allowing us to see the magic she and Rob have created. I’m thrilled and inspired!

  7. This decoration is outstanding ! Thank you for sharing the work you have done all season. I cannot afford to do this type of decoration, but I have loved seeing them. It has enhanced my Christmas spirit ..Thank You

  8. Holy smoke Deborah. This is magical. I’m SO enjoying these posts on holiday containers. (As witnessed by my rapidly filling Pinterest board!) Inspiring!!!

  9. A couple of years ago I fell in love with Rob’s light rings and as a result, I now have Five Golden Rings hanging in the front garden trees. I can hardly express how much I love them and everything else you’ve displayed for Christmas. Thank you for being so generous in all your sharing .

  10. Lynn Fiorentino says

    Beautiful and enlightening!!! Did Rob make the two smaller weathered rustic candle canisters near the base of the larger winter container? Do you sell them? Thanks, Lynn.

  11. LOVE all of the arrangements! The holidy chandelier is inspirational! I’ve never seen Red flocking; what do you use to get this effect?

  12. Cara Kazanowski says

    Your holiday blogs have been a real joy this past month! Thanks to everyone at DGW for lighting up our holidays! Merry Christmas!

  13. “They are thick as thieves for weeks, planning.”
    Got a good laugh out of that. I know exactly what you mean.
    Best wishes to you, Deborah.

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