Yellow Hellebores

helleborus-hybridus-yellow-with-red-flare.jpgPictures of the yellow hellebores, as promised.  Helleborus hybridus with red flares.  As this strain is seed grown, each plant has individually marked flowers.  The yellow color is pale-but definitely yellow.  I couldn’t resist-I had to have this one.








  1. I understand your fascination, these hellebores are gorgeous. I like the ones with the little dots on them best, they are very subtle. Would you say the color is yellow or chartreuse? What a nice find!

    • Deborah Silver says

      The have a different look than helleborus odorata, corsicus, angustifolia. They really are yellow. This is the first time I have seen one in person-lovely.

  2. madeline foster says

    Yellow helios’s: any left? would like 6, at minimum – Thank you.

  3. They are beautiful, but in a subtle vs. stunning way. Don’t think I’ve seen this variety here in Hawaii.

  4. Hi Deborah and Rob,

    Just returned from shunning the snow and loving the spring at your fair. You brought so many different garden sources together within your stunning store. Bought several little treasures remind me of the day and the lovely people I met.

    Thank you, elaine

  5. Susie Duquet says

    The fair was beautiful yesterday! The set up was absolutely gorgeous. Even though it was literally freezing yesterday, made me feel warm all over. Great seeing all the growers – haven’t seen them since late Fall. Missed yellow Hellebores – hopefully I can find them @ local markets, or take a road trip to Fowierville.

  6. Hi Deborah! I work for Lloyd Micheal and am a HUGE Hellebore fan! I have quite a collection of them and am also growing them from seed. Have you seen the “Banana Cream Pie” hellebore? I bought this in Iowa about five years ago and it is one of my favorites. I also have reds, blues, blacks, the “stinky rose” which is a beautiful lime green color, pinks such as “Cotton Candy”, whites (including Lenten/Christmas Rose/Niger). I recently acquired a “peppermint ice” that is a double-flowered and is an amazing grower. I will be selling the “Niger” hellebore at the market as I have 100s that I have grown from seeds, which is quite challenging to do do as it takes 18 months for the seeds to germinate…etc. Sorry, I tend to ramble when talking about ‘bores!!! Just Love them! See you at the Market!

    • Deborah Silver says

      See you at market! Can’t wait to see your babies. I am crazy about them too-I could grow fields of them-if I had fields!

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