Ready to Plan?

readytoplan11readytoplan21What is it the right time for?  That’s simple-make plans.  People are good at planning.  We are actually much better at planning, than dealing with what we didn’t plan for-so make use of what you are good at.  We’ve all made grocery lists, given birthday parties, hosted holiday dinners, decided to have families, gone back to school, moved on. A landscape by design, which is a fancy way of saying, by plan, is planning-don’t be afraid.

I am a professional landscape designer, and I think I have my place.  Designing and outfitting the outdoors is no less expensive than designing the inside of a house-with the added headache that things grow up differently than we think they will, and they do poorly, or die, more often than we think they will. But even people who hire landscape designers need to add their skill at planning to the mix- its always the relationship between an designer and a client that makes for really beautiful landscapes. Ready to plan?