Company Coming

Nov 12 021

I am never ready for this time of year.  Decades of my gardening heartbeat declining predictably- in tandem with the season is to blame-not my age. I have a long history of slowing and closing down.

 Nov 12 004
We are everything but slowing down. The transformation from a growing season to a glowing season is lots of work, but, I must admit, great fun. The biggest responsibility from which I am relieved? The “gardens” I do this time of year are momentary, entirely celebratory, and do not require regular watering, feeding, pruning, dividing-or winter protection.

 Nov 12 042

History is just that-history; yes?  In fact, my winter and holiday season  today is as busy as my spring. I am not sorry for this; I am bemused first, energized second, and eventually chased by it. Why should I be surprised-no one loves the coming of the cold and the dark.  All of this festivity warms me up.

Nov 12 051

 I have company coming tonight-our Thursday night holiday open house we regularly schedule for mid November. Should you ask me now, at  7:34pm this Wednesday night before-am I ready?  Not really.  I just got done editing my Wednesday post.   All of my circuits are jammed;  every one of twenty vignettes calls.  My office is a wreck, and I have not opened the mail for two days.  We are finish grading a project that will get 3500 yards of sod laid tomorrow. If I could just get the empty boxes hauled away, I would feel better; ok, a special events pickup got scheduled. 

Nov 12 016

 The parking is handled, as is the food, the wine,  and the water. My landscape crews have sorted out the electrical issues outdoors.  As I write, Rob is redoing all of the lighting in the shop in anticipation of evening guests.  The shop is incredibly beautiful at night-this I share just on special occasions.

Nov 12 027

 To follow, some photographs of places and spaces in the shop that make my heart pound-like these glass raindrops and spheres.  Sparkly.

Nov 12 032Anything that transmits or intensifies the available light I find hard to resist.  Michigan is one of those states with mostly cloudy days in the winter.

Nov 12 031
White wirework and ribbed glass-just pretty.

Nov 12 053

More tomorrow!