Still Raining

Dec 3 012The raindrop pots got their topdressing yesterday.  I decided a mix of noble fir and fresh silver dollar eucalyptus would be just the thing to set off all that glass.  The eucalyptus wavers in the slightest breeze-just like that glass.  The color is bright-not a bad choice for weather which is predominately overcast.  A little morning rain gave everything a fresh look.

Dec 2b 008Eucalyptus stems are wiry, but slight.  Sandwiching them between the stiff layers of the fir gives them some much needed support. Up close, the red stems repeat the red/brown crabapple trunks-this a visual bonus. The network of stems need to resist the weight of the snow that is sure to come. Much like arranging a vase of flowers, we cross stems over one another.  Under the green, a woody nest.

Dec 3 003Pam made quick work of this phase; the fact that she is a great gardener endows her work with a natural and graceful feeling. The greens were stuffed slightly wider that the dripline established by the glass.  The dry foam form into which all of these greens are stuffed are bricks that have been glued together, and wired with concrete wire.  We have only to come by some sunlight to get some sparkle going on.   

Dec 3a 005Rob decided to light the pots with strings of clear c-9 bulbs. We set them well into the foliage;  the green cords are not a good look. This warm light is in contrast to all the attendant blue, makes much of the warm brown of the trunks, and the olive orange winter color of the boxwood.  

Dec 3a 007Late in the day, the drops start picking up light from the bottom.  The eucalyptus discs repeat the round shapes of the drops.

Dec 4 005
By 6pm, the party is just getting started. 

Dec 4a 002

At 7am this morning, I see our full moon has a little company on the ground.  Clear skies are forecast for today-I can’t wait.


  1. Dear Deborah
    Your attention to artistic detail and dedication to this emerging design are really impressive here. Thanks for putting that whole process on display for us. I’ve gotta come up to see this, but it won’t be at six in the morning. ROB

  2. That is spectacular! I wish it was across the street from me, so I could see it myself. Good job!

  3. Words fail me!
    Awe inspiring (Ok, that is words)

  4. Deborah,

    The building front looks amazingly gorgeous!!! I really miss coming in everyday and seeing your ideas magically come to life. Thank goodness for the blog!

    Miss you,

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