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steel orangery boxes

tall lattice boxes

branch studio

tall lattice box

steel topiary forms

oil derrick topiary towers

steel tuteurs

oil derrick topiary towers, finished

steel containers

steel planter boxes

planter boxes

steel planter box, planted

planter boxes

planted steel planter box

steel pergola

steel pergola and planted tall Jackie box

steel fountain cistern

steel fountain cistern.  The steel grid positioned near the top of the water level is a safeguard- given very small, and very curious children. 

orangery boxes

Steel planter boxes

steel planter boxes

rectangular steel Hudson box, and associated steel Hudson planters


planter boxes

planted steel Hudson boxes

tomato cages

steel tomato cages in the form of classical obelisks

 auricula theatre

steel herb table, after the classic English auricula theatre. Buck has been very busy, churning out one fabulous garden ornament after another.  This plant table is proportioned exactly according to the golden mean.  No wonder it looks so solid, so satisfying, and so good.



  1. Debra – All so beautiful. How wonderful to dream and have it come to life! Given your harsh seasons (very cold, very hot) does that affect the plants in the steel containers? I know your work so I know you use small 4″ plant material as well as large. No worries of freezing or scorching tender vines cascading over the edge?

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Maggie, I have never seen any evidence of a plant unhappy to be planted in steel. How indestructible and weatherproof these containers are make them perfect for my zone. Deborah

  2. Buck is an amazing craftsman, artist and visionary. I would be honored to have any of his amazing creations in my garden.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Erin, his work is amazing. His things add another dimension altogether to a landscape. Deborah

  3. Just gorgeous. The shapes, the patina- definitely drool-worthy.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Ann, his work stately-the fabrication is exact, square, and level. Designing what he fabricates is a dream come true for me. What he makes is so much better than I ever thought I could have it. Deborah

  4. I agree that Buck and his team are true craftsmen. The welded joints on my Garlic Topiary Form are awesomely done – perfect, clean, and true (my brother welds, so I tend to notice such things). The design is so elegant. Everytime I catch sight of it in my prairie garden, I smile.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Keith, I know it will please Buck to read this. His things are really beautifully made-they will last a lifetime and better. Deborah

  5. How can I purchase Hudson Planter Boxes? Thank you!

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