At A Glance: First Signs

last rose of summer

pumpkin “Long Island Cheese”

ornamental kale 

pumpkin in the gourd patch 

fall container planting


gourds and pumpkins

ornamental kale


fall container materials

carving pumpkins

broom corn

twig pumpkins


fall pots




At A Glance: Light On A Slant

The 2012 fall equinox falls of September 22 this year.  At that time, the sun is crossing the celestial equator, and the days will start to get shorter.  As the sun igoes lower in the sky in the northern hemisphere, it illuminates everything it touches on a slant.  Beautiful light, this. 

grass amphitheatre

next to the last of the Sally Holmes

Little Ollie olive

lemon grass

Honorine Jobert beginning to bloom

tree geranium


garden terrace

stone staircase