At A Glance: The Shop In October

Detroit Garden Works

Wow-how the time has flown since the spring!  If you are too far away to visit Detroit Garden Works, these pictures might give you an idea of how it looks in the fall season.

pots planted for fall

materials from the garden for the fall season

the last of the espaliered lindens showing fall color

very small winking owl baskets made from paper mache

the window boxes!  The flowers have grown to within spitting distance of the ground.  The south side of the shop gives them plenty of protection from the cooler nights.

More great fall materials

fall pots with redbor kale and yellow pansies

an October celebration of green

toffee twist carex and matricaria

fall pots and pumpkins

October light

How Rob keeps the shop takes my breath away.  Should you be within range (we had visitors from Deckerville Michigan, Paris France, Ann Arbor Michigan, and Washington DC today-besides the local traffic), the shop is worth the visit.  Out of range?  We’ll  stay in touch.



  1. awww !! c’est beau !
    Bravo Deborah, Bravo Rob.

  2. Jane Cruickshank says

    The Works is almost worth a daily visit because it changes daily. It is so very easy to entertain out of town guests in our area because all you need to do is bring them to DGW. My DC friend can hardly wait for the next visit and it is not primary to see me, i don’t think! She emphatically claims it is the best shop she has ever seen….this from someone who lives in DC but travels to Europe every summer plus a few other places during the winter. We are so lucky to be able to enjoy you for all seasons.

  3. Positively otherworldly, brilliant work – both bodacious and sublime at once.
    It’s a happy and rare talent knowing how to make the things happen that you do.
    A “zone 4” WI fan

  4. Beautiful–thanks for sharing.

  5. Silvia Weber says

    Hi Deborah – we are driving up Saturday ( from Cleveland, Ohio) looking forward to seeing you and DGW!

  6. Taryn Merkley says

    Those window boxes are insanely gorgeous! How is that possible?? And I love the fall planters.

    • Deborah Silver says

      They are on the south side of the shop-very protected. None of the plants seem to realize it is October!

  7. Love the Heller House pots. Their shape is always very pleasing to my eye … I am drawn to strong simple shapes. However, I always have trouble envisioning how to plant these properly … I always tend to go with the exotic rather than with the simple. I believe you nailed it here. The colors, textures and scale all work beautifully together to enhance the container and in return elevate the importance of the plant material. I would never have thought to combine different varieties of a simple plant like kale with a common houseplant like creeping charlie to create something so striking. Bravo!
    This year I have paid close attention to the “cast of characters” you incorporate into your container plantings. Your bold choice to broaden the definition of “tender perennials” to include what I would consider standard “house plants” is brilliant! I will make sure to include these in my containers next year … the creeping charlie is incredible!
    Keep making our world beautiful!

  8. Deborah – I’m a west coast, zone 8 gardener. I am not familiar with matricaria (you show it with the toffee twist carex). Can you tell me more? I googled it, but the images that came up were of a daisy-like plant. Love the texture – fern like. Thanks for always inspiring!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Maggie, who knows why I said it was matricaria! It is feverfew-tanacetum parthenium. Sorry! It is a daisy like plant-with foliage like a chrysanthemum. For ferny foliage, you would want chamomile. Hope this helps, Deborah

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