At A Glance: Summer Planting At The Shop


  1. I’m loving the white/grey/green combo you have going here…..I hope readers will take note and use the same color scheme in all their pots around the home. I’m so tired of seeing clashing pot themes, aren’t you?

  2. Deborah, out of all the containers you share here on the blog, I always like the ones at the store the best. Happy belated Birthday.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Sarah, I always like my own pots at home the best. They are my taste-and just for me. Of course I like them. Second best, I like what I do for clients-I just need to post better pictures. The shop-it is easy to photograph a good moment. Other places-I do not get to so often. One client whom I plant green and white-to which I added some grey, came to my house. All they want next year is some color! (I planted pink and red this year). I promise to take better pictures of projects-I have some out there I think you would like.
      Garden photography-it can be misleading. Great garden photographs are about capturing the perfect moment-not at all about what constitutes a great garden. But I am pleased you like where I am going with the shop planting-I worry about how to do it like crazy, and am exhausted when it is finally planted! Deborah

  3. It looks wonderful as always!!

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