At A Glance: Rob’s Pots

To follow is a very lengthy collection of photographs of Rob’s container plantings, but I think the numbers are justified, considering how beautiful the work is. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

French fountain planted with fernsgold sage, gold marjoram, and a glass float

lavender and violas; lettuceWasabi coleus, pinched into a broadly oval shape, and myrtle topiary

bird’s nest fern, lobelia, and creeping jenny in one of his grow spheres.

rosemary, pink marguerites and cream alyssum

herbs with a tilted Russian sage

This galvanized pan with rosemary and herbs got wheeled in and out of the garage on a cart until it was safe to leave the basil outdoors.

tree fern with streptocarpella

coir lined wood crates with verbena bonariensis,  dahlias, marguerites, cream zinnias, angelonia and sweet william

collection of lemon cypress pots and herb pots

eugenia topiaries with yellow petunias

Who knew lettuce could look this good?

pennisetum, yellow celosia and yellow petunias

variegated lavender, marguerites and alyssum

tomatoes and herbs in twig boxesrosemary topiary, lavender and lobelia

coral bells and streptocarpus

containers designed and planted by Rob

ferns and streptocarpus

bok choy, marguerites, osteospermum and cream alyssum

bird’s nest fern, lime selaginella, hosta Sum and Substance, green selaginella

succulents and herbs

tomatoes and weeping rosemary

shade planting at the shop

lettuce, parsley, and violas

rosemary and alyssum

meadow flowers in a wood trough

Strawberries in a moss lined galvanized wire box, looking good.






  1. Jeannine Eitel says

    Rob is so very creative! Love his unique combination of plants in the most interesting and beautiful containers. He is pretty amazing!

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos.
    These beautiful combinations create a serene and stable mood.


  4. Jacki VanHuis says

    Beautiful! Some of the arrangements have perennials- what do you do with them in the fall ? Plant them in the ground or take them inside?

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Jackie, We plant them in the ground, or winter them in the garage, although very few of his pots are left unsold. best, Deborah

  5. Beautiful and thank you for sharing. Can the Eugenia topiaries stay outside…. I almost purchased 2 today to plant in pots outside my pool gate… but not sure if they will survive NJ winters?

  6. Just wonderful gives me lots of creative inspiration !

  7. Michaele Anderson says

    Deceptive simplicity=the genius of Rob. None of these pots look over busy or fussy. They appear elegant and timeless.

  8. Miranda @ says

    Beautiful! What’s the trick to keeping lemon cypress alive? I killed a little topiary of it that I had last year.

    • Jill Banfield says

      Me too. Would love advice on that little beauty!

      • Deborah Silver says

        Dear Jill and Miranda, I am reluctant to give advise on growing a plant for the following reasons. I don’t know where you are, or where it was sited, or how you cared for it, and so on and so on. I would consult someone local to you! all the best, Deboprah

  9. Mardi Letson says


  10. Shelly Mathes says

    Love it all, wonderful combinations! Also, loving the wall of Ivy. Thanks

  11. Joyce Baker says

    Many thanks to all who had a part in this awesome presentation. Made my day much better and motivated me to go out and fill the remainder of my pots.

  12. Jennifer Taylor says

    Absolutely beautiful! Such fun to see so many magnificent and unusual choices and combinations. Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. Marguerite says

    Maybe it’s a good thing i live in CT. I want EVERYTHING. How wonderful to be surrounded by such beauty, and be involved in its creation. I know I will come back to this post (and so many of your others) again and again to marvel at and enjoy these images. Thank you for sharing them with us!

  14. Rob’s pots are fabulous.
    Great eye for color, texture, rhythm. Really enjoyed seeing bird’s nest ferns mixed in — who’d of thought?
    The meadow flowers are especially elegant.

  15. Lisa at Greenbow says

    I can see why very few of his pots are left unsold. Such great combinations. This post is full of inspiration.

  16. How do you care for the birds nest ferns in the winter? When can you put them out in spring/summer?

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Mary, they are fine in low light indoors.They can stay oput fairly late, and be put out fairly early. I would read up on them on your computer though. best, Deborah

  17. Wilma Pacey says

    Absolutely wonderful!!! So creative!!!! Thanks for sharing.

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