At A Glance: Recent Work

raised-steel-planter-boxes.jpgThis has been a very busy summer season for Branch.  To follow, pictures of a few of our early summer projects.  How pleased we are to have clients in our area.  And clients afar- northern Michigan, Chicago, Illinois, Texas, Connecticut, Florida, New York City, Long Island, California, Virginia, Louisiana, and Oregon.  This project in Grosse Pointe Michigan-raised planter boxes to be planted with cutting flowers.

Branch-Hudson-tapers.jpgmedium Hudson tapers

custyom-fountain-in-progress.jpgcustom fountain cistern under construction

Hudson-boxes.jpgHudson boxes

Drost-Landscaping.jpgBob Drost from Drost Landscaping in Petoskey.  He personally picked up 10 special order contemporary Branch boxes for a job last Sunday.

white-oak-and-steel-orangerie-boxes.jpgOak and steel orangerie boxes

elliptical-fountains.jpgA pair of elliptical fountains designed and fabricated for a landscape for a new house .

plant-stand-for-herbs.jpgLarge Branch plant stand for pots of herbs

custom-Hudson-fountain-cistern.jpgCustom sized Hudson style fountain with pump housing ready to be galvanized for a client in California

hemispherical-fountain.jpgUp side down hemispherical fountain, just about ready to be shipped to California

Hudson-boxes.jpgSteel Branch boxes and plant climbers-planted for the summer

large-Hudson-tapers.jpgLarge steel Hudson tapers ready to plant at a long lakeside country driveway

custom-curved-Hudson-planters.jpgHudson boxes custom made to fit a curve in a terrace

reproduction-Belgian-planters.jpgThese reproduction Belgian boxes in white oak and lead-we sent them to Florida a week ago.  Branch is busy.  Love that.


  1. These world class containers are incredible. Where is Garden Design magazine when we need it? Nancy Szerlag

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Nancy, thanks for your letter! A few years ago Fine Gardening ran a picture of one of our fountain cisterns in a garden. We still get calls from that. Michelle Gervais, senior editor with Fine Gardening, stopped by the shop 3 weeks ago-what a pleasure to meet her in person, and thank her. Deborah

  2. Your work is simply AMAZING! What an inspiration. That husband of yours is one talented man!

    • Deborah Silver says

      He does incredible work, yes. One of the most charming things about him is he has no idea how really good he is at what he does.

  3. I always appreciate seeing garden products that are manufactured here in the US. If only they could be made affordable for the average Joe..and if only A. Joe had not been trained by discount stores to tolerate low quality , low style, el-cheapo crapola.

  4. completely divine products coming out of Detroit! Bravo!!

    May I ask for pictures of the pergolas? We need some here in Santa Barbara!!

    No one else makes them! HOORAY that you do!!


  5. Susie Duquet says

    I’ve seen Branch boxes up close and personal around my area…Stunning!!

  6. Deborah,
    I work for Winston Flowers in Massachusetts. Check out our website at .We have several shops in Ma and one in Ct. We need your Branch products in our company! I am forwarding your site to our company president. We currently carry similar products from Domani but MADE in USA is my motto and so very impressed with your designs and quality. I am addicted to your blogs and so impressed with the talent you and your team possess. I wish I lived closer to your company but if we could carry some of your products, I would be a happier and more successful employee. I noticed Massachusetts in not one of your states yet so I hope that we will be representing you soon.
    Continued success to you and your team!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Elvera, thanks for your very kind letter. We would be very happy to have our boxes in Massachusetts! Deborah

  7. A long distance fan for many years. Your product is exquisite as always. Your website and online catalog will have to suffice until you open a store in the NY metro area. Very few things come close. Everything is perfection. Best, J

  8. Wow Deborah,
    Your work is amazing! When are you going to expand and open a store around Chicago? We need you, since the closing of all Smith and Hawken stores, customers are still mourning, you combine the best of everything!

    • Deborah Silver says

      wow Linda-thanks for your letter. I wish we did have a shop in Chicago-so many great gardeners and gardens in your area. We do have people come to visit us from Chicago-hopefully some day you will come so we can meet you. Deborah

  9. How wonderful to have the room to have a herb set-up like the one you created. That must be a dream come true for someone!

    • Deborah Silver says

      They do like it! I want to say it is 5′ by 7′. I think it would be beautiful planted with flowers too.

  10. There are not enough superlatives for these boxes.
    The repro Belgian boxes are particularly eye-popping!

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