At A Glance: Previous Ensembles








  1. Charming thoughout the ages!

  2. I absolutely love 2007. The paint selection on the building is so classy and I see you repeated it in 2010. I also like the large pots inside the garden with the sculptural ‘tree’ rather than out. The simple formality works great with the architecture. The limited use of white flowers also reinforces your company signage. Since you do such fabulous pots and designs for clients, it would be hard to restrain yourself at you place of business I am sure. I have the same dilemma and tendency.

  3. I really like 2003 and 2004. I like how you brought attention to “Garden” with it’s green highlight. I like the colors….but as Donna references..I don’t know much what the company offers, so maybe today’s facade suits you better.

    Either way..can’t go wrong..both are fantastic!

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