At A Glance: In The Same Genre

Rob has planted so many herb/flower and vegetable pots-to follow is a big selection that compliments my last post.

Rob’s genre-I like the sound of that.


  1. ❤️❤️❤️Deborah! Love the new zinc & wire baskets you got in!

  2. This is all so wonderful, your planting are inspirational. Now if you would only open another store in CA.

  3. Joan Morris says

    One more beautiful than the next! And such gorgeous pots and containers.

  4. Carol deLuca says

    Ye Gads! Doesn’t that just get my head buzzing for possible containers hangin’ around the house! Friends, take another look at your garage! Potentials could be lurking there!

    Thanks, Deborah!

  5. Dina Awe says

    These are beautiful,inspiring and actually makes my heart smile,if that’s a possibilty!! Ya’ll design such awe-inspiring arrangements! Thank you for sharing your passion!

  6. Cathy Peterson says

    What a talent! ❤️

  7. Silvia Weber says

    Lovely, every one of them!

  8. Kathleen Gibson says

    The creativity at Detroit Garden Works is never ending! Love all of the combinations.

  9. Holly Tomlinson says

    I always open your emails first, and am never disappointed.

  10. Angela Leski says

    just wow

  11. Echo – “I always open your emails first … And I am never disappointed.” Truly wish I could see the magic in person.

  12. The tomato and thyme just stole my heart! I look forward to all of your post and they never fail to inspire me. Keep doing what you are doing as you do it like no one else!

  13. janet aronoff says

    Rob, The first rectangular pot blows my mind it could be a wedding or just the most beauty one could dream of Thank you Janet

  14. I agree! I can never wait to read this blog.
    The pansies, parsley, and lettuce – how charming. You’re in depth knowledge of the foliage delivers the most artful, combinations with the most interesting textures, colors, and proportions. You are lucky to have assembled such a talented team to keep the inspiration coming!
    Thank you for sharing these pictures.

  15. I have read in your blog that you change out your soil every time you plant. Is there a way to simply amend the soil so I don’t need to start over with my large containers? This week was a long one mixing the soil & filling all my containers

  16. Jeannine says

    Rob is a “Master”! His container gardens are unique and beautiful! Love all the different types of containers he uses. I too wish I did not live so far away so that I could see them in person. These lovely pictures are the next best thing. You send us wonderful posts. Thank you Deborah!

  17. Deborah Silver says

    Dear Jeannine, his container plantings are extraordinary-we agree about that.Thanks so much for writing. best, Deborah

  18. Deborah Silver says

    Dear Anna, we will our pots 1/2 or 2/3rds up with drainage material. There is no need to have soil any deeper that 12-14 inches. We only switch out the top foot of soil. best, Deborah

  19. Deborah Silver says

    Thank you for reading, Angela. And thanks for understanding the role that charm plays in container plantings. All the best, Deborah

  20. Deborah Silver says

    Dear Janet, Rob’s work is extraordinary, yes. Good to hear from you. best, Deborah

  21. Deborah Silver says

    Dear Elvera, chances are good we will keep planting. Thanks for writing! all the best, Deborah

  22. Deborah Silver says

    Dear Kristen, plant some pots. You will get a little magic in person! best, Deborah

  23. Deborah Silver says

    Thank you Angela. His work is incredibly beautiful. best, Deborah

  24. Deborah Silver says

    Dear Holly, thanks for your letter. I always look at the comments on my essays first. I am never disappointed. It is so great to hear from other gardeners. best, Deborah

  25. Deborah Silver says

    Dear Kathleen, Detroit Garden Works is a happening place. i can attest to that! best regards, Deborah

  26. Deborah Silver says

    Thanks, Silvia. See you soon. best, Deborah

  27. Deborah Silver says

    Isn’t he though?? amazing.

  28. Deborah Silver says

    Dear Dina, Rob is a one of a kind wonder. Awesome-his talent. best, Deborah

  29. Deborah Silver says

    Dear Joan-you and I think alike. Ha! all the best, Deborah

  30. Deborah Silver says

    Dear Chris, I can barely hang on to running a store in Michigan. But if we ever open a place in CA, you will be the first to know! thanks, Deborah

  31. Debra Yakligian says

    What do you use for your drainage material to fill the pot with? Thanks, deb

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