At A Glance: Detroit Garden Works Holiday

holiday shop 2014 (28)
For everyone who lives too far away to visit, to follow is a collection of pictures of the shop decked out for the winter and holidays.  The snow this morning-appropriate to the occasion.

holiday shop 2014 (3)

holiday shop 2014 (27)

holiday shop 2014 (19)

holiday shop 2014 (1)

holiday shop 2014 (26)

holiday shop 2014 (2)

holiday shop 2014 (4)

holiday shop 2014 (5)holiday shop 2014 (16)

holiday shop 2014 (12)

holiday shop 2014 (10)holiday shop 2014 (14)

holiday shop 2014 (9)
holiday shop 2014 (11)

holiday shop 2014 (20)

holiday shop 2014 (21)

holiday shop 2014 (23)

holiday shop 2014 (24)Decorating the shop for the winter and holidays? All the work of it is all the fun of it.



  1. excellent!

  2. You have such a beautiful store! I just LOVE your website. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and look forward to every picture you post. Thank you for sharing for gardeners like me that live so far away. If only I could click my heels together and be shopping in your store!
    Best Wishes,

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Beth, I promise to keep up with the pictures. If you see something in the pictures that strikes your fancy, email me. We ship. Thanks for reading, Deborah

  3. Mary Schalk says

    Love your work and shop! For one designer to another- I agree, all the work is the fun! I say that when people say “it’s so much work!”. Same goes for my extensive garden.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Mary, anyone who gardens has to love that process. It’s a given. There are days when I do think about how much work it is. But most days it feels like a good life. Thanks, Deborah

  4. You have got me in the spirit!
    Wish I lived closer….NewYork State just a bit too far away to visit. Thank you for sharing…your ideas inspire me always.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Lynn, no need to worry about being far away. What gets shared gardener to gardener has nothing to do with miles. I plan to keep posting lots of pictures. Best, Deborah

  5. Debra Lenzen says

    Friend and I visited the shop on Friday morning and found lots of beautiful goodies to take home. You are going to need to get more of those branch lighted spheres because I think we bought the only ones that were left! We bought a few pots and amaryliss bulbs and lots of stuff to make winter evergreen pots/urns. I have never seen such beautiful antique urns and gorgeous terra cotta in one place ever. This store is a must see and conveniently located near Orchard Lk Rd and Telegraph. I love it.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Debra, thank you so much for this letter. We are making the lighted spheres, hanging light rings, and spiked light rings as fast as we can.The past three days have been busy and the shop has been packed-what fun for all of us! A season a year in the making has gotten off to a great start. Thanks for being part of that. best, Deborah

  6. Where’s Howard?

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Stacey, Howard is out in the shop early in the day-before we open. See photo 2 of this post. Once we have a lot of people, he retreats to his bed under my desk – he is a shy one. At the end of the day, he ventures out again. Where is Howard? On the cusp! Thanks, Deborah

  7. Oh my gosh. What a gift! Thanks for the tour for those of us who live too far away to be there in person. One day for sure i am making a special trip. Now i think it should be in mid-November so i can revel in your Christmas display. The way you describe lights in the garden in winter is positively magical, and so true. A lighted sculpture is on the top of my list.
    Thank you Deborah!

  8. I love your work-it’s phenominal! , but I do LOVE the corgi’s-they’re sensational!

  9. madeline foster says

    Anyone who has a chance should drive by your shop after dark – the lit up rounds, shapes are beautiful – haven’t seen them on your blog here though !

  10. You had a picture of some dormant grasses/branches in a square vessel that were lit up at the base so that they almost looked like they were on fire. Do you recall what you used at the base for lighting? I am thinking of recreating that for an inside feature at my church, but I’m not sure what you used to get such saturated light.

  11. Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t live closer: I could buy one of almost everything here! Loving the small trees with the gold and silver “nailhead trim”, and so many other items. Very very nice.

  12. Gorgeous things. Will you have some examples/photos of the wreaths that you make or will be making this year…….You can ship those, right?

  13. Shelby Staples says

    Are some of the trees really flocked and did you do them? I have always wanted to have a real tree with flocking on it – the snow look. But it seems just too much trouble. Do you know a simpler way? And, the beautiful red trees – how are they done? I live in Virginia.
    Thanks . So many beautiful things!!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Shelby, the trees are grown and flocked by a nursery-we buy them already flocked. They are beautiful! best, Deborah

  14. Karen Lawson says

    I would to know if you still have the stone rabbit pictured in Nov. 8 posting? Could you include the price if still available..
    Thank you!

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