At A Glance: Another Walk Through

I did have requests for more pictures of the shop as it looks right now.




















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We’ve had a few warmer days-how great it will be to finally get outside to work.


  1. I have never worked in retail or studied merchandising. But your photos—and your store in real life—make me want to try it. It’s so artfully done!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Cindy, I have never studied merchandising. I just knew I wanted a shop. I opened the shop initially, as there were no local places for gardeners with a serious passion for garden ornament a garden to shop. My original goal-to stock the most gorgeous garden ornament for 5.00, and 50.00, and 5000.00. I believe great design is about great design, and not money. The retail store at that time that did the most incredible job of expressing that idea was Takashimaya, in NYC. That company was an inspiration to me. This Japanese company was founded in 1829. Their New York store, which I visited often, and so loved, closed in 2010. How I regretted this! Their inspired design made a great impression on me, which energizes me to this day. If you have a mind to open a shop, I would encourage you. Great shops create a stir. They encourage people to better express themselves. Great shops inspire, teach and entertain. Great shops people establish relationships, and are ultimately appreciative of every client. This said-I am still learning! Thanks, Deborah

  2. Your store is such a class act.

  3. Just read yr last comment. Takashimaya’s garden shop was such a jewel box!

    • Deborah Silver says

      I have such vivid memories of it-and the last time I was there was 2009. It was such a beautiful store.

  4. Your shop is simply amazing. What wonderful photographs. Inspiring!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Thanks-I am always so excited to see a new season approaching. We have a container leaving Paris tomorrow-I can’t wit to get it unpacked.

  5. Deborah Banks says

    Sigh. Just beautiful. Wish I could pop in and see it all. BTW, I noticed yesterday that Detroit Garden Works got a mention in the April issue of Country Living magazine. (A John Huggins container on Page 34 is noted as available from

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Deborah, thanks for the heads up-I have not seen the article. We did send the vase to New York for them to photograph. I wish you could pop in too-Deborah

  6. Thanks for another peek into your beautiful store. My mom and I regularly talk about making the 12 hour trip to Detroit so we can visit. One of these days…..

  7. your shop is SO inviting again! if it would be around my corner, i would visit it everyday. since a couple of miles and a complete ocean is between us, this ‘everyday’ is not gonna happen 😉 but i’m looking forward to visit usa again and THEN i will show up! have a nice spring – ours is still not in sight. hardest winter in parts of europe since 150 years! still snowing and freezing in vienna. rrrrr….

    • Deborah Silver says

      Stefan, our daytime temperatures are creeping up-but the night time is still very cold. Our spring is still on hold. Deborah

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