At A Glance: A Winter Party


I so welcome a chance to do cut flower arrangements for a party in the winter.  Flowers-who would elect to do without them!  At the moment,  I am a gardener without a garden.  This means I am wringing my hands over the dormant season.  I welcome any chance to step out of the gray.  This occasion-a 70th birthday.  The clients-their viewpoint is decidedly contemporary.  This rubber vase of theirs-astonishing in scale, material, and color.


My interpretation speaks to the vase, as it should.  Lots and lots of dianthus Green Trick, and 100 stems of copper willow make something of this extraordinary vase.


The honoree of this particular birthday is a man.  He stands every inch of 6′ 6″, and has a heart many times this size.  What would I do for him?


The choice of flowers had everything to do with what might delight him.  The color choices-entirely about the environment in which they live.


My part in this is but a very small part of the celebration.  Many friends and family would attend.  The occasion, the environment, the food-the community-all of these elements would provide atmosphere for a very special and important occasion.


As for me, it was a shock and a delight to have an occasion to have flowers in sight.  Flowers in hand.  Flowers to arrange.  How I miss the flowers!  The long standing relationship with my clients-memories accompanied this work.  Garden oriented work in February-I treasure this, given this desolate part of the year.  Arranging flowers for this party, these particular people, did me a world of good.


Gardeners, florists, and farmers-none of us are so far apart.  This is my read,  on this February day.


  1. Masterful work.
    But, then again, this is no surprise.

  2. Stunning!

    Just looking at your flower arrangements gives me much needed momentum to perk up my dreary-feeling house before a big dinner party tomorrow night. I’ve just decided to repot some little houseplants into a centerpiece terrarium.

    You are so gifted that your genius overflows onto others.

    Always grateful and with best wishes,

  3. Hi Deborah,

    I really like these arrangements and a lot of the other work you’ve done. How far outside of Detroit will you travel for garden design projects?

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Robert, if the destination is in a zone that I am comfortable with the horticulture, then I travel. Thanks, Deborah

  4. The 6’6 gentleman who receives the gorgeous arrangement pictured will truly have a wonderful celebration! Thank you Deborah for enlightening my day here in Delaware. We are in the midst of another snow storm-beautiful as it is to watch, my heart is waiting for spring. Your floral arrangements are lovely!

  5. Absolutely stunning!

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