A Recurring Theme

Dec 21 029Rob does a lot of the holiday display work in the shop.  It may take me a while to figure it out, but usually there is some recurring theme  in his work that finally surfaces.  In addition to his light garlands, this year of his was all about the trees.  Trunks, branches, and stems got taken apart, and put back together in some beautiful way.  This spot in the shop is home to its third tree of his making.  This collection of bare box elder branches was assembled as a multistemmed holiday tree-this one simply decorated in beaded snowflakes and glass birds.  The others, hung with glass icicles, have new homes for the holidays.

Dec 18d 008The idea of a holiday tree small enough for a sideboard or table is an appealing one.  This “pear tree” is decorated with glass pear ornaments and icicles; the partridge is sitting in her brown glittered nest.  This holiday tree is a one of a kind expression with a big visual impact.

Dec 21 022This glass vase he filled with the skeletal remnants of weeds from the field next door.  The blown seed pots of asclepias tuberosa, or butterfly weed, softens the look of the sticks. A very subtle and unexpected addition? A few platinum glitter picks make what at first glance seems ordinary, sparkle softly.

Dec 21 027These very sparkly trees take up next to no room on a mantle or buffet.  This Pucci-inspired version of a tree-great fun. The glittered seed pod trees have the same effect-very festive.

Dec 21 020Coulter pine cones are the largest cones on the planet.  They are little wood trees, in and of themselves. A very large Coulter cone which stands up on end, perfectly balanced, makes small but stunning holiday tree. 

Dec 21 030Rob frequently displays holiday ornament in tree branches. Many years ago I decorated a small deciduous tree from my property for the holidays.  This does have an understated and spare look reminiscent of the feather trees so popular at the turn of the century. These ornaments from bark strips look right at home here.  

Dec 21 034This vase with a tree comprised of a few pine boughs and field weeds gets some punch from a feathered cardinal ornament. It says holiday with the fewest words possible. 

Dec 21 045
Other arrangements of his are not so spare, but they all feature his particular point of view.  Happy holidays from Rob.


  1. Hi –

    Hardly ever comment on websites but stumbled across yours earlier this year and have checked it daily ever since. Just the thing to look at at the end of the day, thank you!

    My only regret is that you are so far away, Southern Ct here.

    Have a wonderful holiday and happy and profitable New Year!!!

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