A Celebration

I am hard pressed to remember the last time it was my pleasure to live through such a benign August, but I have no plans to look this gift horse in the mouth.  Tomorrow is Buck’s birthday; this terrace will my contribution to the celebration.  They have to be the best they have ever been-although Buck says I tell him this every year.

aug-22-056I like the fireworks going-on feeling of my terrace pots this year.  Most of that has to do with how they have grown.  I picked the colors and plants yes, but nature has proved unusually cooperative.  We have had cool temperatures all summer, and now, regular rain. The usual bugs and disease must be at someone else’s house.

aug-22-0601The Mital terra cotta gargoyle pots on their pedestals have never looked so rowdy and profuse.  I grow nicotiana mutabilis every year for exactly the reason you see here. The showy oregano in this pot gave up and died, but I hardly notice.  Besides, this pair of pots started out mismatched-I like that they will end up mismatched.

Variegated licorice has thick felty leaves and stiff stems, but it will dance through a pot in a lively way. It is a welcome contrast to the mounds of begonias and purple oxalis.  Plant habit can be as important a part of design as color and shape.

aug-22-071These two licorice plants have made a flared skirt of themselves.  The shape is especially attractive with the garland pattern on the pot.  Did I plan this part-absolutely not.  Anyone who gardens gets to enjoy the unexpected.

aug-22-081The New Guinea impatiens this year are unbelievably gaudy-what fun.  Even my million bells, which usually sulk as I have very alkaline water, are cooperating.   My dahlias do not have mites or mildew.  The cool weather has slowed the flower production on the cannas, but the foliage alone is well worth having.


Thriving and saucy-this is how I would describe my pots.  As Buck  has to cook his own birthday dinner, I am glad these pots look how they do.  It is a whomping lot of work to look after all this every day, but every day I am glad to get home and see what’s doing.  I like being ready for a party, every day.


This Fourth of July feeling suits me just fine.


  1. Happy birthday Buck!You may have to cook your own birthday dinner but you will be surrounded by beautiful flowering pots and happy dogs…and your personal gardener. Birthday do not get much better than that…and you deserve it all.

  2. So nice photos. You allways have nice photos:)

  3. What’s the name of that coleus in the second picture on the right? I MUST have that next year!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Sprout, that orange/brown vigorous coleus you are looking at, I know as ‘Sedona”. Let me know, should you have any problem finding it. Deborah

  4. It is so niiiiiiiiice !

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Delphine, for the better part of a year, I have read your blog every day. Your eye is extraordinary, and provocative. I like everything I read from you. Everyone in France, every person that gardens no matter their country, stands to be enriched by you. Many thanks, Deborah

  5. simply fantastic !

    • Deborah Silver says

      Michelle, you are a formidably talented landscape designer-thanks a million for your comment. Deborah

  6. My goodness, it’s a lovely June evening and I’m relaxing on my deck after a much more strenuous afternoon than anticipated, pulling the violets and lily-of-the-valley that once charmed and have now invaded, and as I admire my handiwork I stumble on your blog. Deborah, you are as much poet as gardener. Such lovely turns of phrase to accompany your beautiful pots.

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