Writing Essays

The decision to commit to Dirt Simple, and write an essay every day, was a good one for me.  I have enjoyed the research, the photography, the thinking through; this process has encouraged me to move beyond my own internal life to a more organized, verbal, and friendly think/speak/hear.  There are so many great gardeners out there-I could not be more pleased to be meeting you.  Janie in Texas, and Serena in Tuscany, and JS Hawthorne, and Bangchik in Mayalsia,  to name a few-I am a member of your group.  Rochelle Greayer from Studio G-I read her every day without fail. Jane-people are starting to think you are my Mom!!   I so treasure my new community.  

The fact of the matter-this Monday morning I had three projects in simultaneous  process that needed my attention. My initial Monday essay issued about noon skipped over the salient details; would that I could be in two places at one time-but I have never been good enough to make that work.   Sorry!  Should you have a mind to reread my annotated, updated, rewritten late in the day, proofread and thought over Monday post – thank you much.  Deborah


  1. I wish I was..no wait…I think I am! You are a daughter every mother dreams about.

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