Tuesday Opinion: The Last Night Of My Fifties

Tomorrow is my sixtieth birthday.  To put it mildly, I have ambivelent feelings about it.  I do not especially treasure my early years-I was young and stupid. My Mom, how she endured me-I cannot imagine. I very much more like myself, and my life-right now.  However the reality of turning sixty-tough.

Take my word for it.  It is a considerable age no longer looming in the future, but right here and now. Rob was so kind as to load the corgis up at the end of my/this 14 hour day. He remarked-“enjoy the last evening of your fifties”.  It made me furious.  Probably as I was not ready for the last day of my fifties. What if I did not want to give up my fifties?  They had been pretty good, all things considered.  For all the world it sounded like I had only one more night to enjoy my life before plunging into the darkness of an unknown decade to come-my sixties.  OK, this is enough drama to make all of us laugh.  He reminded me of the post I had written-about how since you can’t be anyplace else other than where you are, you might as well treasure it.  Fine.  But I reserve the right to miss my fifties.


  1. Jennifer in Toronto says

    I don’t think many fifty somethings, or anyone any other age for that matter, has much on you.

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