The Thousanth Post

Everyone who commented on the occasion of my thousanth post-I appreciate all of you.  My very sincere thanks that you read what I write.  The people who read help me to fuel up; every regular reader provides to me the energy that encourages me to write tomorrow.  It is as simple as that.  My point, perhaps not so clearly expressed, is that my writing is one part teaching, one part sharing,  one part communication-and one part hello-so nice to meet you.  It is my opinion that any writing asks for, or implies an audience.  There is a writer, and a reader.  That relationship is what makes my discussion about the garden go round.  That people read what I write is very important to me.  A treasure-truly.  Gretchen emailed me today-I was so happy to hear from her.  I did worry that her meeting me in person might have been a disappointment.  Her email tonight made me very happy.

    Hi Deborah,

I feel quite honored to be part of such a milestone and yet, I should be the one thanking you!  I’ve been thinking about what you said about it being a little unsettling that strangers know so much about you through your blog. And I’m sure it is. But from my perspective,  what you do is a generous, selfless act of sharing your knowledge and creativity so that people like me can learn and create.  And you continued that sharing by being so gracious with your time on Tuesday.   I can’t stop thinking about how magical our visit was and how thankful I am that I got the chance to meet you, Rob and your staff and experience your creativity for myself.  

So, many thanks to you, Deborah!  Gretchen   

Dear Gretchen, your email today email meant the world to me.   I am so pleased to have met you, and I plan to stay in touch.  My thousanth post meant something very special to me-thanks to you.  All my best, your gardening friend,  Deborah


  1. Grazie,Thanks,Danke Deborah!

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