The Garden Tour

IMG_0820Our garden tour to benefit the Greening of Detroit was a successful event.  We sold 278 tickets, for both the tour, and the tour and reception. We raised close to 13,000.00 for the Greening.  This may not seem like so much, but over the past 8 years, this amounts to 97,000.00. We have been persistent in our support of them, as well we should.  For those of you that are too far away to attend our cruise, there are pictures to follow.  That said, I am so pleased that we had gardeners from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona and Washington DC attend our tour.  I could not be more pleased about the attendance, the tour-and the fabulous afterglow Rob and his group put on after the tour.  To follow are pictures from our tour day.

IMG_0818These clients have shopped at Detroit Garden Works since the first day we went into business 19 years ago.  Their landscape is all their own.  Their love of color is extraordinary. They have children, to whom they have dedicated a child friendly garden.  I so admire their landscape and garden, as they have expressed themselves with great confidence and care. They have a point of view, and they are unabashed about expressing it. Their garden was the subject of much talk-as it should be.





DSC_1996This property belongs to a new client.  We rearranged just about every plant they had. We added lots more. Just this spring. We arranged to have a long wall built in the mid ground of the back yard. My crew did an incredible job, making lots of changes.  I so treasure these clients.  Thy were ready for a change. They studied our ideas, and signed up. A change we did-in short order. The new landscape has great bones.  They will decide where they want to go next.



the landscape in July (14)

July 5 2015 (11)

the landscape in July (6)

July 5 2015 (38)

DSC_1990The relationship with this client dates back 20 years. The landscape features many specimen trees that have grown to great size. Like all of the other gardens on the cruise, the landscape is a mix of formal and informal, and beautifully maintained. Though we have redone a few places recently, it is clear that an older landscape, properly planted, ages well.





DSC_1964This landscape of our design took two seasons to install. Our client is an avid gardener. Her love of the garden drove the design. This landscape featured unusual trees, shrubs, and espaliers. Every square foot of this property is devoted to the plants.  I was interested that all the plants be part of a beautiful design.







DSC_1906This landscape belongs to clients who have shopped Detroit Garden Works for the last 20 years. The landscape is all of their design.  They have the most beautiful collection of fine garden urns we know of in one place-all of which came from our shop. We have consulted on the landscape on occasion. But what you see here is by and large of their own invention.  How they invent is extraordinary.  We are so pleased to be associated with them.






DSC_1898Our garden cruise this year was all I could ask from a garden tour. A diverse group of gardeners who have a passion for the landscape.  Every garden was strikingly different.  But every garden spoke to a love for the landscape.  Oh yes, they did.


  1. Thank you. It makes me want to cry that I couldn’t see the tour. It looks fabulous. I live way too far away. Thank you for the wonderful pictures. You should be proud.

  2. Bravo all!

  3. Congratulation Deborah and team on giving back so much to the community!

  4. M. Ross Baldwin says

    I was able to make the cruise to five of the places including your home Deborah and the reception. Was inspired…Got a number of new plants of types that I saw on the cruise and got ’em in the ground to enjoy the effect… kind of like spring all over again.
    Your gardens were thehigh point for me. Good show. Thank you

  5. Now I feel better about missing the tour. Thanks for sharing the great photos.

  6. So beautiful and inspiring, thank you for sharing with all of us. I can t get enough.

  7. debra phillips says

    this is the type of cruise i enjoy! chicago is not too far, i really must try for the next one as i am also dying to see your shop

  8. JUST BEAUTIFUL……..Sure wish I could have toured these gardens. Thank you for the pictures!! May I ask what type of grass is that of the first garden? I am a gardener myself. Love a beautiful garden……

  9. Jeannine Eitel says

    Beautiful gardens!! Hopefully next year I can go on the tour. I will be coming from Ontario and it looks like it will be so worth the drive. Thank you for the pictures!

  10. Thank you so much for another wonderful tour. I was truly inspired. I was able to get so many great idias that have made me rethink my yard. But isn’t that what makes gardening so enjoyable? Thanks again for all the good work that you and those you associate with do.

  11. Great organization! After Bloomfest in 2000, I donated most of our trees and shrubs to the Greening organization and the Belle Isle Conservatory. Thanks for sharing all of these beautiful landscapes. Love the delicate touches of color.

  12. Congratulations, Deborah, on the success of the garden tour and on raising so much money for the Greening of Detroit. The pictures were fabulous — wish I lived closer so I could have went on the tour. It must be wonderful for you to have so many long time clients and to see how their gardens evolve over time.

  13. Wilma Pacey says

    Thank you so very very much for sharing these beautiful, wonderful, inspirational photos!

  14. Deborah, you are a wonderful ambassador for gardening and for Detroit! Your clients are very fortunate. I admire that you are open to gardeners who want to “do their own thing.” All of these gardens are showcases.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Carolyn, you are right. I I do not care how people choose to landscape and garden. Some people hire designers. Other people do their own design and work. The particulars are not the point. I just care that people have a mind to garden, in whatever way they choose. all the best, Deborah

  15. Joyce B in Atlanta says

    Wow!! Sorry I deleted, unread, an earlier post from you about a ‘cruise’. Thought it was one of those short trips to nowhere with a bunch of slide shows in a meeting room on some small ship. Will open and read all posts from now on – promise to self!! Loved the pictures. Loved the variety. Loved your enthusiasm for those like me who do it their own way. Since this appears to be a yearly event, I will try to time a trip, with detour to your area, to coincide with a future cruise. I particularly remember the people with the pleached trees and was happy for pictures to see everything growing so well. Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. Ruth Wolery says

    I really enjoy these fabulous pictures. Thank you so much. It is my pleasure to view lovely gardens.
    Ruth W.

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