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For the past three years I have sponsored a tour of landscapes and gardens of my design or influence-in the interest of contributing to the programs of the Greening of Detroit.  I am embarrassed to say that I only became acquainted with the Greening only three years ago.  This year is their year long 20th anniversary celebration-marking a 20 year committment to planting trees in the city of Detroit, sponsoring urban farms (over 600)-and the teaching.  Teaching people how to grow, how to protect and preserve the environment. What they do for our city-astonishing.  One of their board members, the architect Michael Willoughby, nominated me to their board.  I was pleased to accept. I am not the best board member-I am better at a local, and more hands on event in support of them .

I committed to sponsoring this garden tour, the proceeds of which would go to the Greening.  100 percent of the proceeds of all ticket sales-every dime goes to the Greening of Detroit. Deborah Silver and Co, and Detroit Garden Works maintain the cruise website, advertise the cruise, and put on the reception.  I am happy to do so in recognition of what they do for our city.

I am out of my element, if the topic is politics.  I am not good attending meetings, nor am I happy to be part of a committee.  I have no interest in discussing community service-I was just raised to believe I should do my share. I was raised to believe that if I am able to help, I should.  I told Monica from the Greening-I will make it my business to organize a tour, with the intent of raise money for the important work that you do, to the best of my ability.

The past two years, the tour has raised 25,000.00 for the Greening.  Were you to ask me for a list of projects I am most proud of-this tour would be right up there.  Should you live in my area-try the tour.  This year, we had people calling in March for tickets.  The tickets are available at Detroit Garden Works.  If you cannot tour July 18, consider a contribution to the Greening of Detroit. 

 I am not the go to person for social, political or economic innovation.  But I am quite sure that the work of the Greening over the past twenty years has benefitted our city.  I would do what I could to support it.  If you are able to support it via the tour-I am asking that you do so.  Hard times have hit all of us-should you not be able to tour, spread the word however you can. The tour is exceptionally interesting to committed gardeners. Check out the tour website:

These photographs do not begin to do justice to the gardens on this year’s tour.  It is a friendly and fun event for gardeners.  I’d be pleased should you decide to join us.


  1. Hi –

    Always love looking at your site. Where do you get the time for it? Your work, store, ideas and so on are just beautiful.

    I was reading with great interest your article on the Detiot Garden Cruise. What a great name! “Secret Garden’ always struck me as a little too exclusive and off putting. A cruise strikes me as an adventure.

    I live in Norwalk, Ct. A wonderful old town on Long Island Sound which has become the pooer sibling to its surrounding towns of New Canaan, Darien, Westport and the like.

    Norwalk has some beautiful sections and homes. Despite having been a victim of urban sprawl after the war and throught the 60’s and more recently the past 15 years of economic boontimes.

    I have been thinking about organizing an event/garden tour for Soring 2011. The proceeds going to support the Norwalk Historical Society and another as yet to be determined organization. So I will be following your site and the Garden Cruise site closely.

    If it is not too much of bother, please share what you can.

    All the best –


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