The Garden And Plant Show At Kasteel Hex

Rob is part way through his annual sojourn to Europe, shopping for the spring of 2018. He does all of the buying for Detroit Garden Works. He does an incredible job of making our shop the place for serious gardeners to shop for whatever they need, or might fall for. He procures ornament, tools, pots, sculpture and furniture-and all else that might help to define a garden. He brings Detroit Garden Works to life. His current trip includes both Belgium and France. He does have a big love for plant fairs, no matter where he is. It so happened that he was able to book a half day to see the garden and plant show at the Kasteel Hex in Belgium. It was so many years ago that Rob first shopped for garden ornament in Belgium. Over my objections, he was keen to visit the country. His most compelling argument? Belgium is close in latitude to Michigan. Garden ornament and landscape design in Belgium was bound to strike a chord in our zone. That made good sense. He has been a fan of Belgian garden and landscape design since the shop opened over 20 years ago. We have imported many things that seem fitting, appropriate and fitting in mid western gardens.

Though I have never seen a vendor at our local farmer’s market selling garlic on this scale, our scene is strikingly similar to the one pictured above.  All of the farmers at our market who take their flowers, vegetables, herbs, roses, cut flowers, and perennials to market 3 times a week interact with those people shopping much the same as I see here. There is plenty of discussion. Plenty of exchange. What happens at the market over the garden is of interest to all that participate.

My late season market features all of the vegetables that have ripened on farms in our area. These tomatoes offered for sale at Hex are much the same as what I see at my own market. It is good to see that interest in the garden alive and well in other places.

To follow are more photographs of Rob’s visit to the show. If you are in my zone, you will recognize a lot of the plants. I so enjoyed the idea that in a place so far away, people are shopping the farmer’s market in much the same way that I shop my own. Of course he would not be able to bring perennials and tomatoes home with him, but he obviously enjoyed the experience.

man contemplating the perennials for sale

dahlias for sale

lime foliaged heather

perennials laid out in blocks

A booth devoted to iris

Iris corms for sale

Heather in bloom

Booth with lots of gaura

mossed pots

A seed stand graced with a vase full of flowers

A booth featuring hens and chicks

Hens and chicks in crates


More hydrangeas!  This display is so beautiful.

Hex garden and plant show

plants and straw on a  rainy day

A rainy day at the Kasteel Hex garden market. So beautiful!

The Plant Fair















  1. Would love to be able to attend something like that.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful images. I’m loving those mossed pots and the hens & chicks.

  3. sheila schultz says

    Travel brings it’s own reward. Now I understand why the photos of your retail space show such insight in the interesting and unusual. Give Rob my applaud! He is a stellar buyer for your shop, plus he has the adventure of travel!

  4. Linda Hagler says

    How wonderful, Wish we had a place like that. I would be there rain and all.

  5. Looking at these wonderful pictures is a great way to end my day. . . thank you!

  6. A plant show in the Belgian countryside. Delightful. Rob has the best job in the world! World travel included. Best of all, seeing what people grow and like in Belgium. I especially liked the Iris, with a blue and white center. Just lovely. The moss pots, simple velvet pad of green in a pot, I want a few, and I will try my hand at growing. I hope Rob came home with lots of plants and garden ornaments. .

  7. Wish I could go along in Rob’s pocket! Thanks so much for sharing a bit of his European experience with us!

  8. Thank you for sharing. Brings a great warm smile to my heart.

  9. Thank you for sharing! I love the Chicks and Hens, didn’t realize how many varieties their are!

  10. Carol Murray says

    Wow, wish there was something like that here! Or maybe not – I’d be broke.

  11. Karen danskin says

    Group trip next year?

  12. susan konkel says

    oh….group trip…put me on that list!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Susan and Karen, be careful what you wish for! I have been on shopping trips with Rob before-they are neither leisurely nor relaxed! He is so focused on what he is doing and seeing to the exclusion of just about everything else. He is completely absorbed in a mission known only to him. There are people who do great trips-Carolyn Mullet who owns Carex Tours does great group trips to garden destinations. best, Deborah

  13. How interesting considering the growing climates of Michigan compared to Belgium. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Claire Styvers says

    Oh my. Just trying to catch up on emails after returning home from our trip to Europe – Belgium amoung one of our stops – and blow me away, I’ve lived these photographs! Thank you so much for allowing me to relive the beauty we experienced!

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