The Front Yard

Whew-what a busy week last week.  A project that needs my hands on attention was punctuated with three landscape design presentations.  I did work both days of this weekend, as today I am scheduled for jury duty.  This is a first for me; I have no idea what to expect.  Except that I am committed to three days, at the least.  But last night before dinner I was able to take some pictures of the front yard.  The Limelight hydrangeas are finally coming into bloom.   

It seems like they are really late this year.  I have been fretting about them-the water, that is.  My drip irrigation watered both my big yews, and the hydrangeas.  For a month, neither got any water, until I could split them up.  What was the thought anyway-yews and hydrangeas on the same watering schedule?

The heat has suited my annual plants just fine.  The trick has been to check the water two times a day, instead of just once.  Some of those 96 degree days meant that water was evaporating out of these relatively small pots at an alarming rate.  The abutilons suffered some singed edges on their leaves, but they seem to be coping just fine.
I will leave you with the rest of my pictures from last night.  I am sure I will be able to get back to writing fairly soon. 


  1. your front yard is magical–love that the street view only gives one little teases of what’s behind the hedges.

    thanks for taking the time to post!

    nanne in columbus, indiana

  2. The secret garden behind the front hedge…how is it that I have never really seen this before. Nanne is right: “magical.” Good luck with your civic duty…everyone should do it once…one learns a lot. M.

  3. Your home and yard are so lovely and charming!

    Our limelights have just started to bloom, as well. They are so cheery!

    We’ve also been drip-irrigating the hydrangeas. It’s so much easier and faster and accurate.

    I’ve not done jury duty yet. Hope it’s going well for you!

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