The Finished Landscape

landscape 2015 (4)This post is the last in a series of three about the renovation of a landscape. The fences and gates were finished just in time for our garden tour last Sunday. It is remarkable how much they contribute to the landscape. Though I say the landscape is finished, of course there are spots that could be improved.  But for now, the landscape has presence, and is healthy. The back yard feels like a secret garden-which is what my clients sought the most from their landscape renovation.



lead containers


landscape 2015 (3)The view from the driveway culminates in a peegee hydrangea on standard.


landscape 2015 (5)A 12″ tall retaining wall on the far side of the pergola made it possible to level the ground in this area.  The pergola is planted with the climbing rose “John Davis”.

landscape 2015 (6)The view of the yard looking north benefits from the landscapes further up the street.  The long view here is quite lovely, even though the setting is an urban neighborhood.

DSC_1861The south side yard

landscape 2015 (7)The tricolor beech has some companion plantings.


DSC_1865a small perennial garden

landscape 2015 (8)

landscape 2015 (11)

Q landscape (4)


landscape 2015 (9)The pergola from the front yard has gates and a fence to go with. Planted between the Venus dogwoods-hydrangea “Bobo”, and pachysandra.

landscape 2015 (10)Planted on the fence, sweet autumn clematis. The emerald green arborvitae are planted on the fence line, while the hedge of Venus dogwoods curves forward.  The two hedges overlap in a visually interesting way.

landscape 2015 (12)Emerald green arborvitae provide screening on the driveway side.

landscape 2015 (1)The gates

DSC_1873The generator is not screened from this view, yet.

DSC_1317at the end of the driveway, an old bench flanked by a pair of pots.

DSC_1226The end result – a simple formal landscape in front that makes much of the classic architecture of the house, and three beautiful and mature concolor firs. In the back, a very private landscape and garden that will only get better with time.




  1. Shirley Holden says

    Deborah, just gorgeous. In #1 you showed us the heat pump outside. How did you end up disguising it? or taking the eye away from it? thanks. Shirley

    • Deborah Silver says

      Shirley, it is disguised from every view except 1. There is a picture that shows it. best, Deborah

  2. debra phillips says



  3. Joni Holland says

    This makes the landscaper in drought parched California drool! Lovely, lovely work.

    • I live in northern California and I was just thinking the same thing. I’m originally from Massachusetts and just love drooling over the lush dark green foliage I remember. This is absolutely stunning, so classy.

  4. Beautiful!! You inspire me to be a better gardener. Thank you for all of your posts.
    What is the decorative material you use at the top of the cane trellises in your containers. My zip ties are not very attractive!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Jan, we wrap the natural bamboo pole trellises in steel wire, and cover that with natural raffia. best, Deborah

  5. Jeannine Eitel says

    Spectacular! The home owners must very happy! You have done great justice to the this beautiful house. The landscaping you created is now their paradise.

  6. I love this house especially the fountain. Thanks to you and the very friendly kind owner we were able to see it in person. Thank you, thank you.

  7. Michaele Anderson says

    Absolutely masterful…the finished result has to have exceeded the client’s most ambitious expectations. Love the architectural details of the large pergola…those cathedral type arches are so lovely. Have you used ‘Bobo’ in years gone by? I am curious about its growth habit…stems more able to stay upright than ‘Vanilla Strawberry’?

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Michaele, Bobo only grows 30″ tall, and it has Limelight parentage. It is fairly upright for me.I have never grown vanilla strawberry. best, Deborah

  8. CLASSIC……I love just greenery (shrubs) and white together. You would not believe the ugly trees were in the back before. Also glad you took away the trees at the front step. Great job Deborah which I knew you would make this yard awesome!!!!

  9. Stacey L. Beaudoen says

    Deborah: This is absolutely exquisite in the way it fits the space, compliments the house and the neighborhood. Your work here is exceptional! Well done!

  10. I just love everything about it.!

  11. Beautiful. Thanks for the tutorial. I will be very interested to see how you resolve the generator issue. I have several “focal points” like that that I am looking for a solution for. Any thoughts would be appreciated Deborah. Although I feel you could do a whole new series on just that topic. The folks from your Garden Cruise must have been in awe assuming they saw the before pictures. Best-greg

  12. Donna Perdue says

    Gorgeous as always! Your photos always inspire me. Everything fits the house perfectly.

  13. Ruth Wolery says

    This dream setting now with your updated landscaping is just wonderful – I am so impressed.
    Thank you for sharing.

  14. Jennifer says

    Deborah: I am curious about what cultivar of yew you used for the hedge around the front yard near the sidewalk?

  15. Marguerite says

    The proportion and scale of the plantings, the pergolas, of everything is so harmonious. Its wonderful how you paint with lines of plants that traverse the property from end to end; in the dogwood trees, the boxwoods, the front hedges….it takes your eye around the “square” of the property and encloses it like a hug.The simple green and white palette emphasizes the lines and volumes of the design (with just a tiny bit of color by the fountain as an exclamation point).Green and white is , so cooling in summer and so serene, It all just sits so right. I especially love the containers at the sides of the front entry, and their repetition/echo in smaller containers closer to the actual door. It’s as if the tall gracious sentries have the smaller pots for company, like C3PO had R2D2. Just perfect.

  16. Deborah, thanks for posting these pictures. The homeowners must be so thrilled with their new beautiful landscaping. Everything looks so lush, green and fabulous. I especially love the way the Annabelle hydrangeas on the green lawn look against the white house. Nice job!

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