The Details

As I have written before, my job for a client is best described as a conceptual plan.  A schematic plan.  A few broad strokes, an idea.  All of the details, which make a landscape project, are all about a relationship.  The strength of a designer/client relationship makes all the difference in the world.  My client was discerning, committed, articulate-a joy to work with.  These rustic concrete planters with iron rings-she thought they were prefect for the front door.   

garden pergola

She wrote me once that she dreamed regularly about what this garden would look like.  That’s when I started sending her the landscape/garden installation news, regularly.  She was decisive-but she was open to suggestions.  She took a lot of time with me.  I took an equal amount of time with her.  All of the details of this project have everything to do with her taste.   

stone walls

She made me want to be the best I could possibly be.  My landscape design practice has been graced with clients like this.  She asked me to design this landscape as if it were mine.  I had never been asked that before, but I did just that.  But I have Harriet to thank for all of the details that emerged along the way.  This is her house and garden-not mine. 

white barked birch
She made time to work through the details.  These Himalayan white barked birch-especially for her.  Birches are a favorite tree. The details of my plan are all about what she likes. 

espalier trees

stone planter box with espaliered katsuras.  Frank Lloyd Wright reproduction stone urns.

steel pots

Steel fence and tapered steel Hudson pot

gate cane bolt detail

garden gates

side gate

steel fencing

steel fence with shelf

outdoor shower

outdoor shower

exterior spiral staircase

circular staircase from the first floor terrace to the second floor balcony

bluestone paving

stone terrace in bluestone squares and dots set on the 45

hot tubs

 Spa featuring blue grey glass tiles, and copper waterfall

hot tubs

spa detail

 deck/dock cantilevered over the water

 The house is beautiful.  The landscape-my best effort.  I could not be more pleased about the relationship, the process, the finish.  She influenced and brought to bear every personal detail.   All my thanks,  Harriet.  I could not have begun to do this project without her.  Our relationship is on a certain kind of common ground.  That ground will be an organizing metaphor for the future of this landscape.  I expect to hear about this landscape again from her-soon. 






  1. Great !!! hurrah for Deborah and Harriet.

  2. WOW!! What a nice pics collection i love it.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. I believe a lot of love and care went into this magnificent house and garden. Hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. Such a perfect blend. I never get tired of looking at the evolution from mud slide to completion. All the dots connect beautifully.

  4. The great relationship you have with the homeowner is clear. A landscape this wonderful could not emerge without a meeting of the minds. I could read about and look at photos of this project all day.

    • Deborah Silver says

      thanks Erin. I am sure I will post more, once things start to grow in a little. Deborah

  5. can’t wait to see more photo’s of this design!!

  6. Okay I am watching House Hunters and recognized the view out one of the windows of THIS beautiful house. I knew it!!!

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