The Cruickshank Garden

cru1cr2Jane and Ken Cruickshank have been enthusiastic supporters of my store Detroit Garden Works, since it opened 13 years ago.  I went out to her house last week to consult with her about her entry porch-more on the outcome of that later.  But when I drove up to the house, I realized that I had designed and installed the landscape for a previous owner; I later determined that the gorgeous Magnolia Soulangiana had been planted some 22 years ago. Jane tells me this makes us family.  I am glad there is existing proof of my intent to plant magnolias whenever I can; it is incredibly beautiful right now.  But really the best part is that making landscapes has made for a kind of community-of which I am a member; gardens are good for people.



  1. sneideraitis says

    great photos, if your related to the Cruickshanks does that mean that WE are related too.


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