The Best Of The Last

I am most pleased to report that a good many of the clients for whom I plant containers in all four seasons are telling me they are in no hurry for fall pots. I am sure our late summer heatwave plays no small part in this. Nonetheless, when I see summer containers continuing to thrive late into the last week of September, all is well. The successful and beautiful overlap between the seasons is a moment to be treasured. I am watering my root bound containers just about every day now. They have that wild end of summer look that is what I call the super nova stage. In another week, our temperatures are forecast to drop rather dramatically. The fall is soon to catch up with all of those sun and heat loving seasonal plants. The seasonal plants will decline with cooler weather. The time to enjoy that best of the last is right now.

I know the fall is close. But for now, I am enjoying those plants that have been growing steadily all summer long.

Alocasia and caladiums at summers end

A season’s worth of growth on the petunias

A shady window box in late September

Lemon grass, and black and blue salvia, late in the season

Angelonia in late September


tree ferns and white caladiums in late summer

pink mandevillea and company

summer container planting hitting its stride

willow box

willow box 2

planting in late summer

foggy morning in late September

Sometimes I think the very late summer garden gets passed over too quickly. You decide.










  1. Jeannine Eitel says

    These containers all look spectacular!! WOW! As the old adage goes though “All good things must come to an end” Kinda makes me sad to see such beauty go. Savouring to the last bit!
    Thank you for sharing these pictures with us!

  2. All so beautiful and lush…. and ooooooooooooh, there’s that Branch container you once showed us that looks like a giant bird’s nest with the sharp thingees (technical term) sticking out! SO COOL! thanks for showing us all this beauty.

  3. Your containers are beautiful. Lush and full. Nothing really looks in decline. Who would think it is late September? Today it reached 80 degrees and the sun was hot. I watered everything. Like you I want to keep everything going as long as possible. With the warm day today, I’m motivated to not say goodbye to summer, not quite yet!

  4. Your plants are oh so pretty! I’m enjoying mine too. Can you id the plant that so gracefully curves out the bottom of the “windowbox in late September”?

  5. If that’s what you call wild super nova, mine look like a tornado has passed overhead. My shade pots are still great, but full sun here at Colorado elevation makes for early fatigue by end of August.

  6. Lovely, as usual! What is planted in the long galvanized container under the 4 windows? I love that look and would love to try to replicate it. Thanks

  7. Silvia Weber says

    We are in no hurry to see mums and kale!
    Almost all of our Summer planters are “super nova” gorgeous. And we are enjoying them!

  8. Beautiful!! I live in CO and want to preserve my limelight hydrangeas. Can you tell me when I should cut them and weather to place in any water to finish drying?

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Fran, I would look that up on line. I cut them, put them in water in a cool place, and let the water evaporate . Maybe you can find a better method. best, Deborah

  9. Jennifer Taylor says

    So beautiful Deborah! I love to see the pots you do in every season. Happy Fall to you.

  10. What do you do with the flowers the were in the containers? Do you replant them somewhere?

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