What’s Precious

whatspreciousTools are useful.  This does not mean they are precious.  My landscape plans are a two-dimensional description of a sculpture which is to come.  They are not an end in themselves.  I go over them with my superintendent; we do a layout.  That plan usually ends up in a lunchbox, a back pocket, or after it is irreparably wet and mud smeared, in the trash.  They are a means by which to communicate.

whatsprecious2There are computer programs which help projects to get drawn quickly. I use them to draw very complicated structures. They are very useful in detailing changes to this and that-without having to redraw everything.  But I am most interested in the evidence of the human hand.  I draw by hand, as that drawing is part of a process which is distinctly my process. My clients find out that as I respect the evidence of my hand, I have the ability to respect theirs as well.