At A Glance: McCourtie Park

chicago-05-36 This bridge, constructed entirely of concrete carved to look like wood, is a good example of the sculpture form known as “faux bois”.  Translated literally from the French words,  examples of “false wood”  can be found all over the world-even here in Michigan.  There is a park in my greater neighborhood devoted to this art form; lucky for me.  McCourtie Park, in Hillsdale County, in the Irish Hills,   is a folly of the best sort-built in the 1930″s by a man who made his living in the cement business.

beautiful open bridge

chicago-05-42covered bridgechicago-05-43faux bois rails that become a bench

chicago-05-45faux bois roof detailchicago-05-46 side detailchicago-05-47faux bois plankschicago-05-48 bridgechicago-05-51 flat bridgechicago-05-41 bridge house