Garden Party

200720fisher2015Come August in Michigan, the garden ought to be the perfect place for a party. This garden was spectacularly ready.  The occasion of this party-a very special once in a lifetime event.  My client was determined to pull out all the stops for her husband/gardener .

200720fisher2023The maintenance of this garden is a regular thing, but everyone knew in advance we have a date to work towards.  I did the cut flowers; my client orchestrated all the rest.

200720fisher2022Every gardener knows what non-stop work a garden demands, but there are rewards from that work.  It was breathtaking that afternoon. I delivered the flowers, and while setting them in place I had a chance to take the time to look, and enjoy.  The grass cutting crew, the maintenance crew, the landscape projects started and completed over the years-the list of people involved in getting this landscape to this particular night is a long one.

200720fisher2028Add to the top of that list,  my client, and how she graciously dressed the garden for this party, and went on to entertain a number of guests.  Though this is a very formal garden to begin with, it was even more so for this event. Every corner of the garden, dressed up, and awaiting company.

200720fisher2018The roses and Oriental lilies were arranged in florist’s oasis on top of the vases, so as not to interfere with conversation at the table.  They seemed to float above the tables; it was a very romantic look.

I was pleased to see that the pots at the pool readily made the transition from their day time job to a formal evening. The furniture looked like so many tuxedos in the garden.

200720fisher2040I doubt I will ever entertain like this in my garden, but that does not mean I do not entertain.  I have more dinner guests the month of August than any other month of the year. I take a lot of pleasure in sharing my garden. Thank heavens, Buck handles the menu, and the cooking.  I do the garden.

200720fisher2037I think I am especially fond of this garden as I know how much my clients love and respect it.  They are stewards of their property, in the most serious way.  But this night was about the fun and the pleasure of having a garden; they more than deserved it.