The Fountain Vase

A recent project about which I have written several times finally came to a close. The centerpiece of the landscape design-a fountain of generous proportion and clean lines.  My clients have a decided interest in contemporary design, and an equally decided interest in classically symmetrical spaces.  The right mix would serve them well.  I am lucky in that both of them are articulate, and interested in being involved in the process. A contemporary landscape with reference to classical design-my intent. 

The last part of the landscape to be finished might be my favorite part.  The fountain basin, clad in acid washed steel with a limestone coping set at seat height, and a fountain vase forged of the same acid washed steel- is the strong and simple foreground element to the focal point of their property-a beautiful golf course.  The dark blue-black surround,vase, and pool interior reads in stark contrast to the softly green background. 

A 3-point leveling system of bolts in the bottom of the vase made it possible for Buck to level that pot after he installed it.  Should you use a pot as a fountain, setting that pot level is the most important part of the installation.  Water always sits level; should your installation be askew, it will be obvious.  The action of the jet water hitting the surface is producing clearly concentric circles; the vase is level.

A pair of cast stone pots on hand cast concrete pedestals- identical in shape but smaller than the fountain vase- flank the fountain.  A limited palette of shapes and colors speaks to massing a central idea. One idea, sufficiently explored. Contemporary landscapes ask for serious editing.  

On the ground plane, the central portion of this landscape is spare. A concrete aggregate terrace, concrete pedestals, ad the decomposed granite are variations on a same materials theme.  Four trunky and columnar trees are set in a level lawn  plane.  The rest of the story-the golf course.

The view of the frame of decomposed granite surrounding the fountain is available only to my clients-from upstairs.  From the public view via the golf course-you might miss all the action going on; this I like. The best of contemporary landscapes do not lecture; what they have to say requires  a thoughtful and inquisitive viewer.       

These clients of mine-they made this.  I speak a few languages, and I can interpret; this was my part.