White Christmas

Christmas was two weeks ago, but just today I got the pictures from a special Christmas dinner.  Very close friends serve a Christmas dinner to friends that is as much a visual as a culinary happening.  I am always interested to see how they design their holiday fete.  Given that almost everything in my world is one shade of white or another right now, their white Christmas seems entirely appropriate  to our current state of affairs.
White in lots of different forms block out the centerpiece that runs the entire length of the table.

4The silver heart-I have one from them that matches this.






14Needless to say, they are both as passionate for their garden as they are for great design.






21Their vision of the Christmas holiday-extraordinary.

At A Glance: Christmas Dinner

My good friends host a Christmas dinner that is so beautiful, I cannot help but want to share their pictures.  The biggest change this year-a Christmas tree fashioned from tree branches from their own property.  The Branch trees this holiday season at the shop were an inspiration-I liked hearing that.

On the unusually deep window sills, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Tall stalks from Oriental lilies that they grow in the garden kept the tall tapers company.  The silver, white and green table decor is a beautiful contrast to all the color in the windows.  I was happy to see that the magnolia wreath I made them last year was hung in its accustomed place.

They set a very formal and very beautiful table.

But how they incorporate natural materials and greens is not only stunning, but appropriate to their farm setting, and their love of the landscape.

I so enjoy getting this set of pictures from them every year.

The contrasts in color, texture and mood is so beautiful, yet so graceful.

I admire how they labor over every detail, and how they thoughtfully send enough pictures so I can get a feeling for the moment.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

A place setting

place card, water and wine glasses

silver candelabra, cones, greens, and chestnuts

antique salt cellars

How lovely to be invited to this Christmas dinner.