Sunday Opinion: Why Do You Do It?

I read Rochelle Greayer’s blog, Studio G, an ambitious compendium and commentary on all things garden and landscape design related, almost every day.  One day she is seriously reflecting on how she interprets the body of information regarding the importance of organic food.  The next I am seeing before and after photographs by a neighborhood gardener that does all their own work.  This might be followed by information on new product design, a historically significant garden, or plants of interest.  Speaking of interest, her interests have astonishing range.  She does an incredible job of sorting, editing, distilling and reviewing.  She writes beautifully.  You know this, I am sure.  But I would go on to say that she writes with a serious intent  She is a garden journalist in the best sense of the word, but I so like that she crosses that  over with impunity, and makes clear her own point of view, her questions and concerns.  I recommend reading her.  I promise you will be dazzled.

One of her features that I especially like is her monthly “blogs I like”.   I have to say that when I made her list early last year, I was embarassed, but more than pleased.  But more important than that, I like checking out what she is reading now.  I so value how she shares.  More often than not, her blog is a sturdy bridge to places I really need to visit.  In February, a link to a blog she likes and reads every day-  I spent a lot of time reading there over the past few days.

In plain view when this website comes up- an addendum.  “for people who want more from gardening than a garden.”  I instantly gravitated to this community to which I believe I belong.  I read lots of their essays-many of which provoked me, and none of which disappointed.  No doubt,  I want more from gardening than a garden.  

Why do I garden?  First up, I love having my hands in the dirt.  The dirt of my subdivision childhood- understand that I grew up in a neighborhood reclaimed from vast tracts of dirt.  The dirt I am dealt, the dirt that is close by all the time, the dirt of my childhood-the dirt I make via composting-bring on the dirt.  Once I was old enough to make the shocking discovery that dirt enabled life-this made me a gardener.

 This is by way of saying that I no doubt I want more from gardening than a garden.  I want a way of life.  I want membership in any gardening group for whom the beauty of nature is a way of life.  I want exchange. I want community.  I want provocation.  I want a considerable, serious, and continuing discussion of aesthetics.  Many thanks for helping to provide this, Rochelle.  Thanks to you,  I have a new place to read essays about all of this, and more.

Studio G- you are reading this, are you not?


  1. I do read the Studio G blog, in fact I think I found your blog via Rochelle’s blog.

  2. works. The missing g takes you to an uninteresting blog. Both blogs are so interesting. I am reading blogs instead of books. Reading them are like attending interesting lectures. My iPad is filling up with all your good stuff.

  3. It’s 6:18am on a monday morning, I haven’t even taken my first sip of coffee and you have me all teary….thanks…this post really means a lot.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Rochelle, you are a very hard-working and talented person-there’s no disputing that! I so value your eye-you expose me to lots of things I would otherwise know nothing about. The pleasure is all mine. Deborah

  4. I figured some of these comments would let you know the link to StudioGblog did not work but instead sends you to studioblog. I also see where you felt you had fixed it, but I wanted to let you know that it did not work when I clicked on it just now. I enjoy your blog and read it often. I’m willing to bet I will like these (new to me) blogs also. I’m going now to check them both out!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Holley, Dang. I am marginal with a computer, believe me. I am sure if you google studio g you will find it. Thanks so much for reading, Deborah

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