Roses Representing Better

stage6June 15th my roses are usually in full flush-anyone who loves and grows roses waits all year for this moment .  These haughty queens of the garden do deliver.  The smell is divine, the colors breathtaking-and their shapes are gorgeous.  Carefree Beauty, looking good.

stage2Sally Holmes, as graceful and lovely as any rose could be.  It looks English bred, does it not?

stage3Jeanne LeJoie, the miniature climber, is covered with a thousand pink extra double buttons-from top to bottom.  How it thrives is part of its charm.

stage4The big flowered Eden, with a classic double rose shape, is irresistable. 

stage5These roses all seem to live together companionably-in form and color.  I like the idea of companionable.  My garden is too small for this standoffish plant and that sulky one.  Today the only thing on my mind are the roses.


  1. My roses aren’t quite there yet, but they’re waiting in the wings, and I’m eager for their performance. The Rosa ‘New Dawn’ is my star, and will flower off and on for the rest of the season — though it tends to drop messily if things get very hot, and I wish it had a stronger fragrance. I’m giving a couple of others a try in a garden that really has no room for three roses. Still, they’re so hard to resist, aren’t they? Yours make a lovely picture.

  2. Ahh! Roses. That says it all.

  3. Very nice!

  4. All so pretty but I especially love that miniature climber…such abundance of blooms! What’s your preferred method for aphids control? My roses started out well but pretty unsightly now with holey foliage 🙁
    Lynn (NJ)

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