Rob On The Road

I have no complaints about the weather here.  The temperatures are steady right around 32 degrees.  Today we have had light wet snow, party sunny skies, heavier snow and firece winds, and sun-depending on when you are looking out the window.  But I am a little envious of the picture Rob took outside a flower shop in Amsterdam.   He is back on the road again-this time on his way to Italy. 

Spring flowers-how great they look. 

 Waxflower stems come from a shrub indigeneous to Australia.  15 euros a bunch-ouch.

A basket of hyacinths mulched with florist’s moss-very good looking.

These yellow tulips still have their bulbs attached.  Were these mine, I would most certainly wash all of the soil off of the bulbs, and put them in a vase of water, as is.

a 25 count bunch of roses.

This flower shop is in Bologna. 

So is this market.  So far, so beautiful.

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