Party Pink

sills_part_ii_45Occasionally I get garden requests that are out of the mainstream. The brother of one of my clients called and asked if I would be willing to host a birthday party for his sister at my store; so why not?  She loves her garden, and anything  flower-related, so it wasn’t hard to imagine this place dolled up and ready for party guests. Though he lives in California, he was able to plan with the local help of Fran Gross; her events are always well choreographed and beautiful.  Arranging the store for guests, and doing the flowers would be my part.  As the party was a surprise, we lined our iron gates with fabric. Douglas had told her he wanted her to look at something he was thinking of getting her for her birthday-little did she know.  She had ten seconds to process that her initials were in fact on the gates, framed in gerbera daisies, before she walked into a crowd of guests.  What fun for her-and her guests.

sills_part_ii_391We did lots of flowers-all in variations of a her favorite color-pink.  This vase placed outside the front door -a flowery ice cream cone with pink nerines, pink spray roses and a tutu of La Reve lilies. Yummy.

81Pink and gold were the colors of the day. Table cloths, and napkins,  the gold chairs and clear glass plates edged in gold set a very festive, and very feminine tone. I thought the flowers should be tall-in the airspace.  This not only makes conversation easy at the table top level, it creates interest at eye level when people walk into a room.  More than anything, a party should be designed such to put the idea of celebration in the air.

sills_part_ii_23These party favors are the work of my client. He knew his sister not only as very feminine and vibrant woman, but also as a very successful and high powered business woman.  She successfully balances being a woman, and a boss; this is not easy to do.  The flower coated hammer is his wry and supportive gesture.  The personal element celebrates the relationship of friends and family; the party is for everyone.

43The flowers set on top of twig stands are primarily every version and form of pink I could find.  But some contrasting color showcases that pink.  The brown amaranthus, yellow freesia and roses are a nod to the gold table accessories.

71The arrangements are shaped such that most of the blossoms are visible from a seated position; the oval overall shape is like a friendly umbrella over each table.

52I I think the room looks lovely.

91The flowers brought life to the room.  All it needed was company-and company she got.  What an incredibly thoughtful brother.  What fun it was to be a part of what is such a good memory for her.

62Garden spaces are at their best, filled with people.


  1. What a lovely surprise party your client got for his sister 🙂

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