More Of The Winter Work

Every Saturday from the first week in November until just before Christmas, I pose a question to my landscape crews. The closest answer to the right answer wins a cash prize. The prize money goes up as the weeks go on-as well it should. The work of doing holiday and winter containers, lighting, and holiday decorating is hard work that requires considerable attention to detail. The design comes first. Then all of those elements that contribute to the construction. And then the installation. Then we start that process all over again-fresh. The staying fresh part is the hardest part. I am very lucky to have a group of people who go after the gold, day after day, for weeks.  That gold?  Excellent and thoughtful work.

My last question before the Christmas holiday was “How many winter and holiday containers have we done this season?” I never want to start the season with a run down of all the work we have ahead of us. We all know we have lots of work, but handling that work one day at a time is how we like to do things. So I wait until we are close to the finish to broach the topic of volume.

199 pots got filled this season, by my count. Salvador won the prize with a guess of 178. Would I subject you to 199 photographs- heavens no. But to follow is a good number of pictures of some of our work this season.

Almost done.


  1. Jo Ann Marsh says

    What a portfolio of pleasure! Happy, Healthy New Year to you all as you continue to brighten our lives! Enjoy some down time to rest, recover, and rejuvenate!

  2. Rolanda Hairston says

    Magnificent, beautiful work!

  3. beautiful and thoughtful work Deborah! spectacular.

  4. exciting awesome sensational wow

  5. Jeanne Neivert says

    Just beautiful each and everyone of the pictures .
    Thank you for sharing your talents and amazing ideas !!!!
    Jeanne Neivert

  6. Super duper!!

  7. Pam Cassidy says

    I just love your winter pots! They are spectacular! I would love to replicate one since it is impossible to get one from you (since I live in Maryland) but I’m not sure how to get that full look with the greens (I presume floral foam must be part of the equation). I have yet to find a nursery anywhere in my area that creates winter pots like your staff. Kudos to your staff for such beautiful work!

  8. Cathy Peterson says

    Bravo bravo, team! Well done!!

  9. Nobody does it better!
    Wishing you all the best in the new year!

  10. kate boschetto says

    Outstanding Work !!! Your Customers are Lucky to Have You and your Team !!!

  11. You and your pictures inspired me to do three holiday containers this season! Love your work. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Your winter arrangements are always spectacular! What a great way to add natural beauty and color to our winter yards and streetscapes. Thank you for for taking the time for the photos and to share with all of us.

  13. Barb St.Onge says

    So beautiful! Thanks for sharing your talented team’s creations. 🙂

  14. Absolutely gorgeous!

  15. BE STILL MY HEART!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. There’s no end to your creativity — just beautiful!
    I often feel a bit of disappointment when I scroll down to the last image, wanting there to be more. What a great way to end the year: inspiration for the next.
    Thanks, Deborah, to you and your team and your clients for your art and generosity in sharing these project images.
    Wishing you all a very healthy and prosperous new year,

  17. Donna Morgan says

    Inspirational !!! Thank you !

  18. Ditto to all previous remarks. So delighted to view your work via pics. Thanks for always sharing your ideas with us. May the new year bring you and your staff more inspiration, peace, prosperity and happiness!

  19. I just love looking through your pictures again and again and yes again.. By the way, I would love to be subject to 198 of your pix in one post! A very Happy to you and your crews

  20. What a great job you have done. I loved looking at all your photos and enjoying different colours in all of them

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