Memorial Day

Memorial Day-it was busy, breezy, warm-great.

  In the back of my mind is how it came to be that I am free .  Free to garden, free to pursue my interests. Free to consider doing things differently. Free to speak my mind.  Free to travel,  free to think,  free-as nature intended.  Free to plant, reconsider, reorganize.  Free, to change my mind.

Freedom does not come without a price.  On my mind today are all the people who protect my freedom. I do not know their names.  I do not know their stories.  I do not need any information beyond this,  really. I live in a country that values freedom above all else.  I am so lucky to live here; I am so lucky to have them. Not knowing the names of the people who protect my freedom, I honor them; all of them.

  Think of it-we are the only nation on earth that values, and protects  freedom, and  the sanctity of individual expression.  If  you should be an organic farmer, or an orchardist with a passion for delicious fruit, or a restaurant serving fresh and delicious food, or a gardener scooping up what the world has to deliver to better your garden,  or a simple  citizen  planning for your child’s graduation -hear this.  Honor those who protect you.

There is a big  group of people, nameless, who’s stories I  don’t know, who make many things possible for me, and you.  We are the only nation on  earth that values freedom to the extent that you and I enjoy.  Are we not so lucky?

Those troops who protect our country, and our way of life-treasure them.  I am thinking about them today, Memorial Day.


  1. AND you are my hero because you inspire and are able to put into words what I feel.
    You are also the Julia Child of the garden…

  2. Comment #2
    Your Memorial Day musings are on a par with the thoughts and feelings of the Rolling Thunder Bikers. They are a dedicated group of veterans that love their country, freedom and fellow man as much as you do. They come from all the States and gather in DC on Memorial Day to honor the POW/MIA’s. The group started in 1987 with about 2500 bikers and now the numbers are as high as half a million…the parade is 4 hours long. We loved talking with them last year. They are Memorial Day!

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