Made from the Heart


front3All of us know what is spoken, or made from the heart, and what is theatre.  How you landscape your home, how you decide what pots, and what placement, and what flowers, or maybe no flowers-I cannot explain this any better but than to say that what I might see at your home, should convince me it is you, speaking.


front20How a landscape convinces the viewer, how a landscape is a complete world, with its own rules and its own language, is a considerable part of its beauty. The genuine voice behind the landscape brings life to that landscape.  The life that nature empowers is formidable.  The life, and voice, of a person is equally formidable.  How interesting-that relationship.


Rob has photographed many landscapes in Europe, in his 14 years of travel.  Some are on the verge of ruination.  Some are marked by broken pots; some pots are not even planted-they are sculptures.

europe2 Though riddled with blooming weeds, or dead patches of this or that, or blurred with centuries of moss, they are powerfully evocative, and beautiful. The history of those genuine voices evokes memories in those of us who visit those gardens-our own memories.europe

I am sure you can tell I am passionate on the subject of the importance of the voice of the individual-which is unlike every voice which came before you, or any voice which is yet to come. It’s all I have to offer my clients-my voice.front41
front211An authentic voice-you have one, ready and waiting.  Yours is better, you might say. Maybe I only have more practice.



  1. Great containers. This gives me some good ideas

  2. Great post — though the last image makes me want to dead-head those coleus. I guess we all need to find our own voice when expressing ourselves in Garden.

  3. Thank You so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to publish these blogs.
    I have sent some of my clients to your store as a homework assignment to do their soul some good.
    I have been in one of your container classes that was through the Birmingham Community House.
    You are using your God given talent to bring beauty in people’s lives.
    Thank you for sharing your gift with others!

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