At A Glance: Let’s Play Ball


Oct4b 015

Oct4b 001

Oct4a 056

Oct 4 017

Oct4a 055

Oct5 028

Oct 4 028


Oct 19b 008


  1. you’re trying to draw corgi lovers out, aren’t you? I’ve had to restrain myself from commenting after every single one of your amazing posts lately, but this one — no way. The shop looks pretty squared away too. Thanks, Deborah.

  2. HOW CUTE ARE THEY! They look like hours of fun, how could you ever be bored?

    My favorite post of the day!

  3. Great pictures of the dogs. They are very cute. Your shop looks so cool. I’m going to have to visit next spring.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Linda, the shop is in transition-our holiday season is coming up. Wait until you see! I do hope you come to visit. Deborah

  4. What a unique treasure! I love it dirt and all!! your pup too. enjoyed your blog. keep up the good work.

  5. Dear Linda…You need to visit now and also in the spring. The shop is ever changing so you could in fact visit often… A visit to DGW is such a treat.

  6. I think it’s his eyes…they look so wise! I’d throw the ball for them any day, so cute!

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