Leaf Magazine Spring Issue


Leaf cover

As my landscape superintendent was on holiday this past week, my time was largely devoted to my crew.  But I finally had the time to read through the second issue of Leaf Magazine.  This digital magazine is the brainchild of Susan Cohan (noted garden designer and author of the garden blog Miss Rumphius Rules) and Rochelle Greayer (garden designer, and author of  the garden blog Studio G).  The issue really is quite remarkable, and fresh.  142 pages worth, chock full of interesting topics, great writers and writing, and excellent photography.  My favorite article?  The Bark Garden, by Ken Druse.  The photographs by Clive Nichol  are breathtaking.  The article about flower markets around the world was so interesting.  I am not one bit surprised that they already have 80,000 subscribers.  But don’t take my word for it, look for your yourself.   





  1. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree- this was a beautiful, informed issue.

    When will see your article (s)? They need you, imo.

    Oh-Deborah, have you read about Chelsea Fringe? (http://www.chelseafringe.com/) I think it sounds like a wonderful idea. Oh how I’d love to be in London then- for the big show & the Fringe.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Ann, I looked up the Chelsea Fringe-it looks really intriguing. As for Susan and Rochelle, I get the impression that they know exactly what they need! I just like how readable, approachable, and fresh it is. Deborah

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