I Am Available


I am available if a sidewalk or driveway made of wood bricks might interest you.

 I am available if you have the nerve to get the green out, and plant a red room somewhere in the landscape.  Crimson King maples, red barberry, Black Beauty Sambucus, Salix melanostachys, heuchera Black Beauty, sedum Voodoo and Hibiscus Red Shield; everything would of course be mulched in red pine bark. 

I am available if you are game for planting a fence, or pergola of trees inappropriately planted very close.

I am available if your idea of landscape means intersecting planes of grass. 

I am available if a meadow with that graceful roadside weed look is just what you’re after.

I am available if you want wild or species roses everywhere- rosa rubrifolia, rosa complicata, rosa canina,  and rosa sericea in that meadow.

I am available if you are wild for a shady wild garden.

I am available if you are willing to tend Himalayan white barked birch.

I am available if the sound of gravel underfoot sends you. 

I am available, should a clean sweep be on your mind. 

I am available if you steward an oozing bog, a desert, a Cousin It landscape, a weedy gravel pit or a bark garden -bring it on.

I am available should you fancy a maze, a topiary sculpture, an ornamental iron tomato cage, or cabbage finials on your fence posts for Halloween. It is possible to experience the garden in an infinite number of ways. Nature and not natural make that possible. This is part what I like so much about what I do-if I am open, there is always something fresh, exciting or provocative that can happen. 

Keep me in mind.


  1. Excellent. When are you due in Sydney? I’ll have a mix of all of the above.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Paul, I have been trying all day to think of something to say equally as funny as what you wrote-dang; no luck. I did go to your blog and read-you have a very cool house, some interesting landscape starts, and you write really well. I will keep checking back to see what ends up being your mix. Deborah

  2. that topiary is most fabulous thing i’ve ever seen….a great example of your particular mix of imagination and precision.

  3. I don’t think I’ve commented recently to let you know that I am still, as ever, a religious reader of Dirt Simple. Gravel underfoot indeed sends me.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Denise, gravel underfoot sends me too. I would guess we have a lot more in common than just gravel. I like hearing from you. thanks, Deborah

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