Great Gifts For Gardeners

 I have the pleasure of meeting a lot of people in my store in December who are not gardeners.  They are grandchildren, wives, husbands, children, friends, sometimes business associates of gardening people.  They have all the right instincts.  There is a person in their life whom they love and admire, who gardens.  They have a mind to speak to that love with a gift. I am asked, what do you recommend?  These topiary tree ornaments- a traditional landscape form transformed into a tree ornament-I do love these.

Baileys, a well known English purveyor of anything fabulous and vintage, home and garden is a supplier to us; we carried their orange scented candles for the better part of ten years. The jar assembly makes it easy to put a lid on, when the candle is not in use. That delicious orange scent lasts and lasts.  Though they quit making these candles a few years ago, they have recently resumed production-I am sure Rob had a big hand in this.   Irresistibly citrusy-doesn’t this sound good?  

These hobnail glass pitchers are pure Americana. Filled with iced tea, summer flowers, drying fall grasses-versatile. Equally at home on the dining room table or the picnic bench, they would make much of a few stems of flowers from the garden. 

I am not much for gloves, but gardening people swear by these Pallinas made in Red Wing, Minnesota.  These soft goatskin gloves have sturdy boarhide gauntlets in two lengths, making them perfect for working with roses.  They fit well and look good. When I have to wear gloves, these are what I want.  

Pinus coulteri is a long needled pine native to the coastal mountains of southern California.  This tree produces the largest pine cones in the world.  They can weigh in excess of five pounds each; the locals call the “widowmakers”.  A grove of coulter pines is most definitely a hard hat zone. They are harvested for sale for the beautiful object that they are. 

Gardeners are steady consumers of soap.  Why not a soap whose fragrance instantly brings the garden to mind?  Though we carry Nesti Dante from Italy in pumpkin, tomato, lettuce, fig, cucumber and artichoke, the shop favorite is Cupresso.  The cool woodsy scent of the Italian cypress makes washing your dirty hands an event.

Another great smelling holiday gift comes from an old family business in the Bronx.  Individual cloves are wreathed in silver filigree wire, and attached one by one to any number of classic garden topiary forms. This traditional holiday hand craft has its origin in the garden.  

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These plant climbers, designed and manufactured by us, make a great perch for these holiday bird ornaments. They would also make a great gift for a gardener who likes growing climbing plants.  Galvanized and acid washed for a maintenance free, lead look finish, these climbers come in all shapes and sizes. 

Last but not least, our collection of garden glassware with its bee medallion is a favorite for outdoor entertaining.  The glass is thick, heavy and serviceable in a garden setting. Most gardeners, me included, like to pick their own tools, books,  soil,plants and pots.  But there are plenty of great gifts available that reference the garden in a way that is sure to be appreciated by the gardener on your list.


  1. These are wonderful gift ideas! Off to share them on Twitter!

  2. Christine R. says

    So beautiful, I’d be overjoyed to receive any of your selections!
    I have a quick question about the plant pictured with the gloves… is it a kniphofia? I love it!

  3. Good morning Deb! I think the blooming plant (in the picture with the gloves) is a Kniphofia, and the plant in the back looks like an Aloe maybe? Always good to hear from you. LOVE the climbing cages! Jan

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Jan and Christine, The plant in the photograph is an aloe hybrid called “Grassie Lassie”-this according to Mark at Bogie Lake Greenhouses. He grows this for me. I will try to post some better pictures of it. Deborah

  4. I bought the soap — Cupresso — for a gift. Changed my mind and am keeping it for myself. It’s lovely.

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