Gifts That Gardeners Give

I did write this past Sunday about gifts for gardeners.  Anyone expecting a list was surely disappointed.  Anyone who knows, lives with, or is a child, parent, friend or spouse of a gardener-I hope you were amused.  They are hard to buy for.  This is not confined to gardeners alone.  Anyone with a passion for anything knows what they need to add to their collection.  Would I buy something for Buck’s Harley?  No.  But in retrospect, I am reluctant to characterize a gardener as impossible to please.  In their defense, I will say gardeners know plenty about giving.  This should make them easy to give to.   

Gardeners watch and feed the birds.  They compost, and feed their soil.  They plant.  Not just flowers-they plant trees.  They spread the seed of the alyssum and foxglove.  They commit to raising and tending roses and peonies.  They grow food for their families.  They give flowers and tomatoes to their neighbors, and friends. They dress the dinner table with cut flowers.  They grow sunflowers to delight their children, and feed the goldfinches.  They give extra divisions of perennials to their friends.  Barring a willing friend, they leave their extra plants at the curb, with a sign that says “free”.  They are happy to share their experience, and advice.

Gardeners know how important it is to give.  They support their community gardens. They shop their local farmers market every week.  They exchange information with other gardeners.  They teach their kids about nature.  They take them to the zoo, and the petting farm.  They go to every softball game.  They vote yes for parks. 

Gardeners grow in terra cotta, stone, concrete, steel, and wood.  What plastic comes their way gets recycled.  They understand that they are stewards of their properties, not owners.  They give of their time and effort to insure a better, cleaner, more beautiful planet. 

I made this wreath as a Christmas present for two very dear friends.  They own a big wild piece of property, some of which is represented here. They are passionately committed to the landscape and garden; this we share. They also have a very special place in my heart. I did not really worry that they would not like this.  Everything came from the garden, including my point of view.  So gift your favorite gardener however you think you should.  By and large they are a generous and caring lot, meaning they will appreciate the gesture.    



  1. We all wish we were your very dear friends! It certainly puts my pathetic attempt to shame.

    My son asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told him I did not want ‘things’. What I would really, really like was a gift certificate to my friend, Sharon, who very occasionally gardens with me when I can afford it. So he is giving me ‘Shaz Bucks’!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Suzanne, I doubt anything you do is pathetic. I have seen pictures of your courtyard and garden-nothing pathetic going on there. As for your son, he is a keeper! Shaz Bucks, indeed. He may have coined a very snappy phrase there describing that extra pair of hands that would be so much help with a project. Merry Christmas to you! Deborah

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