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the new Garden Design magazineThe new Garden Design Magazine just came out.  The original magazine, which was greatly appreciated by aficianados of great landscape and garden design, quit publishing a few years ago. The rights to the magazine were eventually purchased by Jim Peterson.  What he has created comes from a vision all his own.  The 132 page publication is more book than magazine.  Everything about it is beautiful, including the paper it is printed on.  If you have a strong interest in landscape and garden design, I would urge you to subscribe.

DSC_0936We have another reason to be thrilled with this premier issue.  A feature article about my work, and the evolution of my group of companies, is a very special moment for me, indeed. Most important to me is being part of a group of great designers from all over the country whose work is detailed here.  Thank you, Jim. If you are local, we do have copies available at Detroit Garden Works.

May 20 2014 (3)Deborah Silver and Co, Inc container design

May 13 2014 (22)Detroit Garden Works

May 20 2014 (7)Detroit Garden Works

May 19 BHG (18)planting workshop at DGW

May 13 2014 (9)the shop

May 16 2014 Branch (7)

Oct 3 2013 (22)pergola fabricated by Branch Studio

fountain 1the branch fountain

May 20 2014 (9)box and derrick topiary form by Branch Studio

May 20 2014 (8)elliptical fountain by Branch Studio

May 19a 2013 (3)

My deepest thanks go to landscape and garden designer and writer Susan Cohan, whose article is a gift of a most perfect moment to me.


  1. Awesome! Congratulations! I’m actually patting myself on the back for picking your containers as my favorite to inspire to while searching through Pinterest last year. I picked a winner. By the way, I just finished planting my deck containers in a blue, purple, and lime combo. Wonder where I got that idea?

  2. Félicitation!

  3. Jennifer in KS says

    Wonderful! Congratulations on being featured. I will look for the publication down here in my neck of the woods. Your work is inspiring – now we just need the rain to fall to work for our own kind of natural beauty down here. Cheers!
    Jennifer in Kansas

  4. susan konkel says

    Congrats…you deserve it!

  5. I can’t wait till my copy comes in the mail. Having you and your company in the first issues is perfect! I am going to get a copy for my two clients that have your beautiful cistern fountain and Jackie boxes! Happy Gardening : )

  6. Congratulations on the recognition of your visions. Beautiful images!

  7. Susan Roubal says

    Deborah! The accolades keep coming for you and your life’s work! Sincerest Congratulations! You have truly earned each and every one. This feature story is no doubt a great honor and you can be sure that most all the followers of your column here will be searching for the new Garden Design magazine featuring you! Truly, what you have created in Detroit Garden Works is some thing very special; in my one visit there I was surrounded by”Yum”! Very few shops awake every sense like DGW does. I wanted to touch and smell and see every single thing there- and probably did! DGW is a must stop destination any time this “yooper” venture into the SE corner of the mitten. For now, I linger through your column. BTW- our snow is mostly gone and the ground workable, but the view out over the big lake is stil white as far as you can see! Congratulations again!

  8. Ruthann Bajorek says

    Congratulations, Deborah! Your inclusion in this book is so well-deserved. One of my dreams is to own one of your gorgeous Branch Studio planters. Someday….

  9. Deborah, your beautiful work has inspired me for years. Wish I lived closer to your shop, but that could be dangerous for my wallet. Congratulations to your well deserved article! It’s wonderful that you share your talents with us!

    • Ditto to your comment Laura. I know living closer to Deborah’s studio and DGW would definitely be dangerous to my wallet as well. Right now in Delaware where I live, I try to use my imagination and dupilicate as best as possible. Doesn’t quite work, but is always worth the try.

  10. I know this comment will make you a little crazy and embarrassed-but you really are a living legend! You’re so gracious to share your wealth of knowledge and beautiful work. Can’t tell you how much this young gardener has learned! I will track down the magazine. I love the title of the article!

  11. Linda H. says

    Congratulations on this much deserved recognition. You and your businesses are truly a wonder!

  12. Fantastic Deborah, looks like a great magazine, congratulations on the feature article!!!

  13. neil mcphail says

    I wonder if you have connections with landscape designers in central north carolina, i assume you do not travel this far. your designs seem to fall in line with thoughts. I live in a small town in NC and have a modest yard in a middle class neighborhood. would appreciate your thoughts and direction either recommedations of others or yourself. again thank your for your genorosity on your blog as it seems so many enjoy and learn form you.
    many thanks neil

  14. Missy Grenell says

    Richly deserved recognition, Deborah. Congratulations!

  15. Dear Deborah,
    well what to say, I just say in my language: Vivissimi complimenti cara Deborah!
    Regards from London

  16. congratulations … you certainly deserve it … can’t wait to pick up a copy

  17. janet aronoff says

    Good for you and good for all of us.It”s been a long hard road for your dream to be realized but, you and Buck have made it come true. Janet

  18. Bravo to Jim Peterson for re publishing such a great magazine and for featuring you in his inaugural. This is indeed a man of exquisite taste!
    Will be subscribing immediately. Thank you for the heads up and congratulations to you Deborah!


  19. Congratulations, Deborah. I am awaiting my copy of the new Garden Design magazine in the mail. Have to mention that I am reading your blog from the beginning (think I am on 2012 right now) and I so appreciate your experience and wisdom. I love seeing the landscaping projects from the design stage to the finished planting. Its also very helpful to see photos of the spaces a few years later to see how everything has filled in.
    I live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada so we are blessed with very temperate weather. We can almost garden year round here and I use your container plantings for inspiration. Thank you for describing what plants you use in each pot.
    If I ever get to Detroit I will make a pilgrimage to Detroit Garden Works.
    Cheers from another Gemini!

  20. Congratulations
    You have developed a unique and beautiful style
    Innovative as well as reminiscent, if that makes sense
    Wish you were closer

  21. Shelby Staples says

    Thanks so much for the info on the “new” magazine. I remember this and am so happy to see its return.
    The first container – what are the flowers, and can I purchase the sticks and curly willow?
    We have an old stone house with a recent wood addition. Have landscaped the wood part with HUGE and beautiful mountain and river boulders/stones./rocks – in a Zen fashion, still using boxwood, mountain laurel, for some soft green.
    Need to do something with the rock area on the front of the house (other side from the wood addition) which is painted a beautiful subtle hue to compliment the stones. This big pot and everything in it would look just great there in front of the double hung windows.
    Any information would be appreciated. Will, for sure, read the article about you and your company. Thanks for your wonderfully informative blog.

  22. Jen Taylor says

    Thank you for introducing me to what sounds like a very special magazine. I subscribed today and can’t wait to get my first issue in June. Disappointed though, that i can’t get the April issue with the article about you — which is why i subscribed in the first place. I will keep looking and hope to find it locally. Congratulations Deborah. I am so glad to see you receive this well deserved recognition!

    • Hi Jen:

      I just checked your order and you will be receiving the summer issue! The first batch got mailed 5/15/2014 for orders placed by 5/5/2014.

      You ordered yesterday and that batch will mail June 5.

      I think you are going to like it!

      Call us if you have any questions:
      Jim Peterson

  23. I believe this is the same magazine I enjoyed reading a few years back while being pampered getting a pedicure after working in my garden/yard. 🙂 It’s nice to see it back in circulation and congrats to you Deborah for the featured article! I will suscribed…maybe download the APP if available.

  24. Joyce Voyt says

    Congrats Deborah, you deserve the recognition and accoladeus. You are so knowledgeable and creatively artistic when it comes to ANYTHING gardening or floral! The most gracious thing is your willingness to share all this with any and all fellow gardens. Thank you…thank you!

  25. I’m so proud to say I know you, my dear! What a journey it has been! Congratulations on the beautiful feature article.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Jan, we have known each other for a very long time, haven’t we?? So nice to see that your place, Bluestone Perennials, is still thriving! Talk soon, Deborah

  26. I’ve been meaning to subscribe, and will do it now! CAn’t wait to start collecting all the issues. Congratulations to you…and I’m loving looking at all these gorgeous containers.

  27. In bed this morning I knew I would post about your pots. Getting your link, to pass along, I find this very nice recognition for you, richly deserved.


    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  28. Deborah,
    Love your passion! And your honesty, enjoy your blog,
    And helps me to know, other experience, the same hurdles, in the
    landscape/ horticulture field, could you send me a price list, and dimensions,
    On your English square planters,posted May 24,2014 thanks, Jeffrey

  29. Patricia J. Gaines says

    Dear Deborah, do you ever offer classes on container gardening? Love your designs !!!

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