Fall Fete And Fandango


Every year we place pots outside the Community House in Birmingham in celebration of their Our Town Art Show and Sale.  This event is not only an art show, it is a fundraiser.  The money they raise goes to support any and all of their community outreach programs.  We are not only happy to lend a hand, we enjoy it.  I like to create an atmosphere of celebration with these, and all of our fall container plantings.  Fall is a fete and fandango in Michigan that features incredible weather and great color.


These flower arrangements in pie pumpkins went to decorate the tables at Roast downtown.  The event- the fall Gala for the Greening of Detroit.  Their gala celebrates the people and events that have contributed to the success of their programs.  The fall gardening season is a celebration of the harvest, a final fiery display of color that precedes the first hard frost, and a time to plant for the future.  We are doing lots of fall planting in the landscape.  Soon it will be time to plant bulbs for spring.

pumpkins and gourds 2013 (39)We have finished all of our fall container plantings for this year, save one project coming up next week.  To follow is a sampling of the work.

pumpkins and gourds 2013 (49)bucket of swiss chard

pink-chrysanthemum.jpgpink mini-mum ball with rose pink pansy mix

pumpkins and gourds 2013 (15)rosemary, alyssum, and green gourds

Oct 3d 2013

fall container

October container 7

red bor kale and bittersweet

the-pink-door.jpgthe pink door

Oct 9 2013 (29)Rob’s grow sphere with a gourd and pansies

October container 2fall container arrangement

potted-pumpkin.jpgpotted pumpkin

Oct 3i 2013

broom corn, eucalyptus, cabbage and kale

Oct 4cfall window box

fall-pot.jpgpurple chrysanthemum

urn-full-of-gourds.jpggrapevine and gourds

Oct 3a 2013

ruffly red cabbage

Oct 3f 2013

green millet

Oct 3 2013 (1)dyed yellow twigs

DSC_4704pumpkin pot

Oct 3b 2013lavender, green, and white

fall-planters.jpgfall containers

black kale

black eucalyptus

black twigsblack twigs





  1. Betsy Bauman says

    Deborah-you add a whole new element to container planting. I am always in awe of all your designs. You truly are an inspiration! I have following you now for 3 years-and you never cease to amaze me. Thank you for sharing your designs. I hope to make it up to Detroit one of these days to visit your shop!

  2. I read every single one of your posts and just getting caught up. This blog post is dreamy. You and your staff are beyond talented, creative and wonderful to watch. Thank you! Amy D

  3. Wonderful and stunning composition as you already use to do! I love too much!

  4. Linda Vitale- Elkind says

    OMG, these containers are awesome and inspiring! Going to work on mine this weekend, thanks.

  5. i need one of those spheres here in Minnesota. Wow, such inspiration!

  6. Frances Hazell says

    I love your work and could spend many hours just poring over these wonderful arrangements. Thank you, Deborah, for making our world more beautiful.

    Happy Thanksgiving from Westport,Canada,


  7. Wonderful. I love fall containers and these are the best in class. I’m also a huge fan of pumpkins and gourds and love the varieties you’ve used. I wish I could have more success raising these unique varieties because purchasing them can get expensive. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Mark, they are expensive to buy! Would that I had a place to grow them too. It is so interesting that every pumpkin patch is so different. Deborah

  8. Jackie Stafford says

    Thanks for your wonderful blog! Your designs are beautiful, elegant and inspiring.

  9. Gorgeous arrangements.
    Love the layers of texture and color, and gourds and pumpkins as ornaments.
    Just when I think I’ve got my small garden all ‘done,’ I read one of your inspiring posts…and then it’s back to the garden.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Terry, we are having the best weather of the whole season now. I am so enjoying working outside. Pumpkins are ornamental, aren’t they? Thanks, Deborah

  10. Stunning! My favourite is the rosemary, alyssum and gourds. So simple and elegant. I have a question on the bucket of Swiss chard – is that grown in a clump or are good sized plants grouped together after they’ve been grown separately? Sending lots of good wishes for a successful fundraiser!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Sharon, I think there are 4 chard plants in the bucket, that were grown in 3 or 4 inch pots. Thanks, Deborah

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